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Sandy Cherry:
Title: Administrative Manager
Phone: 615-322-7500
Office: 201AA Garland
On Campus: Mondays/Thursdays

Job Duties:

  • Expense report and purchasing review & approvals
  • Faculty Affairs
    • Review, Promotion & Tenure support
    • Faculty searches
  • Redcap requests
    • Post-Docs, Visiting Scholars, Interns & Observers

Christina Arbona:

Title: Administrative Specialist
Phone: 615-322-7626
Office: 201 Garland
On Campus: Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays
Job Duties:

  • Department purchasing, office supplies
  • Facilities requests
  • Faculty events
  • Expense report support

Crystal Jackson:
Title: Program Coordinator
Phone: 615-343-7716

Office: 124A Garland
On Campus: Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays
Job Duties:

  • Director of Graduate Studies support
  • Graduate student support
  • Hiring Grad Student Research Assistants
  • Grad student events

Breana Thompson:
Title: Administrative Specialist
Phone: 615.343.6120

Office: 124 Garland
On Campus: Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays
Job Duties:

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies support
  • Classroom Support
  • Hiring Undergrad Research Assistants
  • Majors & Minors declarations, enrollment support
  • Undergrad student events