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At the 2015 convention of the American Society of Criminology in Washington D.C., Gary Jensen (Professor of Sociology Emeritus) was interviewed about his contributions to criminology over the last 45 years.

Nov. 23, 2015—The Oral History project  is creating an archive of videos of prominent scholars. He was selected for his contributions to theory and methods, especially quantitative research, and as a mentor to innumerable graduate students.  

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Professor Holly McCammon and graduate students, Allison McGrath and Megan Robinson (Sociology) and Ashley Dixon (Peabody), gave a Plenary presentation at the ASA’s Collective Behavior and Social Movements Workshop in Chicago, Illinois. 

Sep. 2, 2015—Their paper was presented by Allison McGrath and titled, “Targeting Culture:  Feminist Activism and Sexism in Law School Education.”  

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