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Undergraduate Programs

Coming soon… Discussion Series with Humanities Alumni and Career Pathways

Intersectional Vanderbilt

This conversation series brings together students to discuss how the existing identity centers and academic programs at Vanderbilt can work together to address students’ lived experiences of intersectionality, promoting vigorous and exciting intellectual inquiry related to a capacious sense of identity and providing connections across existing centers and programs. The series is offered in partnership with the BCC, CLACX, the Office of LGBTQI Life, EDI, and the Women’s Center. 

We hope that students will be able to find multiple identity centers and programs that foster a sense of belonging while also exploring how the issues they experience in their lives are connected to their academic interests.  

The next meeting will be hosted by CLACX in January 2022 at the RPW Center.

The Pod

This inclusive podcasting community at Vanderbilt offers the opportunity for both current and aspiring podcasters to come together to connect, problem-solve, and share resources. 

Scholarship of Everyday Life

The Scholarship of Everyday Life is a multidisciplinary, co-curricular series of talks and interactive, hands-on experiences, in which undergraduates discover the connections among their classwork, scholarly research, and objects they use every day, and how that use can affect people in communities from the local to the global scale. 

Previously, the Scholarship of Every Life, along with the Coffee Equity Lab, explored the world of coffee. Students discovered how diverse fields of study apply in the real-world context of coffee. Through workshops and speaker events, research and experiential learning opportunities, and hands-on design projects, students examined the complex sociocultural, economic, environmental, and political circumstances that shape the global coffee supply chain.  

Coming soon: Fall 2022 Scholarship of Everyday Life topic and application guidelines 

Humanities Think Tank

This is a series of interdisciplinary faculty panel and faculty-student networking events that showcase how humanities research and teaching address real world problems. Students have the opportunity to talk with faculty one-on-one about their research, potential Immersion projects, and upcoming courses. These events also feature innovative student projects in the humanities. 

The most recent Humanities Think Tank focused on climate change. Panelists included: Michael Bess (History), Jennifer Fay (Cinema and Media Arts, English), Michael Vandenbergh (Law), and Mary Beth Ikard (Nashville Mayor’s Office of Sustainability). It was organized in partnership with Elizabeth Covington (English, Gender and Sexuality Studies), and cosponsored by the Department of English, the Jean and Alexander Heard Library, and the Office of Immersion Resources.