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Grant Development

Picking the best source or finding new sources of funding for your project can be daunting. Possibilities include government agencies, research and development companies, and charitable organizations. To help identify these sources and expand the College's funding portfolio, the Arts & Science Office of Research is dedicated to working with our faculty, students, and staff to provide information on funding opportunities. Investigators can also contact the Office of Research independently to explore potential funding sources and discuss new grant efforts.


  lewis burke 


Vanderbilt is working with Lewis-Burke Associates, a specialty federal relations consulting firm, to expand the College’s grant portfolio. Lewis-Burke represents a resource to faculty to expand their access to federal funding. They will provide advice on funding trends, recommend relevant programs, discuss barriers and strategies to overcome challenges, and help faculty reach out to federal decision-makers to enhance their visibility in DC.  

To interact with our Lewis-Burke team, please contact David Wright at or (615) 343-4421.