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Tony K. Stewart

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Witness to Marvels: Sufism and Literary Imagination
Berkeley: University of California Press, forthcoming.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Heavenly Orchestrations: The World of the Legendary Pīrs of Bengal
  1.1 The Tale of the Birth of Satya Pīr
  1.2 The Marvelous Tales of Sūphī Saints
  1.3 A Preganant Ambiguity

Chapter 2: The Enchanting Lives of the Pīrs: Structures of Narrative Romance
   2.1 The Myth-History Conundrum
   2.2 Narrative Bios as Autotelic Fiction
   2.3 Prolegomena of Mānik Pīrer Juhurnāmā
   2.4 Exploring the Romance of Mānik Pīr's Birth

Chapter 3: Subjunctive Explorations: Parodic Work of Pīr Kathā
   3.1 Narrative Strategies in Fictional Hagiography
   3.2 Entertaining Encounters that Shape the Religious Ideal
   3.3 The Pīr in a Subjunctive World
   3.4 Irony and Parody in Pīr Kathā
   3.5 Mimesis and Parody in the Tale of Badar Pīr

Chapter 4: Mapping the Imaginaire: The Conditions of Possibility
   4.1 The Reality of the Bengali Imaginaire 
   4.2 The Bonbibī Juhurā Nāmā of Mohāmmad Khater
   4.3  The Semiotic Context of Bonbibī's Tales
   4.4 The Rāy Mańgal of Krsnarām, Precursor to the Tale of Bonbibī
   4.5 The New World Order of the Sunderbans

Chapter 5: Manipulating the Cosmic Hierarchy: A Practical Act of Conceptual Blending
   5.1 The Gāji Kālu o Cāmpāvatī Kanyār Puthi of Ābdur Rāhim
   5.2 Gāji's Love for Cāmpāvatī and the Conflict with Daksin Rāy
   5.3 Gāji's Marriage to Cāmpāvatī and the Ascetic Trek
   5.4 Revisions to the History of Bada Khān Gāji and Daksin Rāy
   5.5 Conceptual Blending to Fashion a New Cosmo-moral Order  

Chapter 6: Pragmatics of Pīr Kathā: Emplotment and Extra-Discursive Effects
   6.1 From Literary Emplotment to Social Discourse
   6.2 The Vaisnav Avatār of the Age
   6.3 Gendered Witness to Satya Pīr's Powers
   6.4 The Significance of Satya Pīr in Musalmāni Terms
   6.5 The Never-Ending Mission of Satya Pīr


Translation Anthology

Tentative Title: 
The Needle at the Bottom of the Sea: Five Miracle Tales of Bengali Sufi Saints

Table of Contents: 
“The Legendary Tale of Gaji Pir, Kalu, and the Darling Campavati”
   [Gaji Kalu o Campavati Kanyar Puthi of Munshi Abdul Rahim]

“The Auspicious Saga of Daksina Raya, Hindu Lord of the South”
   [Raya Mangala of Krsnarama Dasa]

“The Birth of Manik Pir to Badar Pir and Dudbibi”
   [Manik Pirer Jahuranama of Jaiurradi (=Jaidi) as sung by Ganjar Fakir]

“The Dazzling Appearance of Bonbibi, Muslim Mistress of the Forest”
   [Bonbibi Jahur Nama of Munshi Mohammad Khater Saheb]

"The Tale of Nala and Nila with  Satya Pir"
  [Nalanīler pāla, satyanarayaner pancali]