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Tony K. Stewart

Current Projects


Tentative Title:  
Romance of the Pirs: Fictive Discourse in Early Modern Bengali Sufism
   [approx. 350 pp. in typescript]

Table of Contents:
Introduction: On the Agnotology of Narrative Islam: Religion in a Subjunctive Mode
   [issues: recovering the value of fictional representations in Islamic literature]

Chapter 1: Satya Pir on the Frontiers of Bengal: Providing for Muslims and Hindus
   [issues: recognition, accommodation, appropriation]

Chapter 2: In Search of Equivalence: Conceiving Muslim-Hindu Encounter through Translation Theory
   [issues: critique of syncretism, translation theory as a model of encounter, diglossia and heteroglossia]

Chapter 3: The Grounds of Equivalence: Cultural Framing and Bengali Muslim Imaginaire
   [issues: defining the conditions of translation across semiotic system, presupposition, intertextuality
   in the narratives of Gaji Kalu, Daksin Ray, Bonbibi, Campavati, Manik Pir]

Chapter 4: The Muslim who Practiced Vaisnavism: Tales of Haridasa in Three Registers
   [issues: accommodation and appropriation through ritual translation, hidden discursive arenas, myth]

Chapter 5: Ascent and Descent: Miraj and Avatara in Nabi Vamsa and Iblish Nama
   [issues: narrative inversions, domesticating Bengali Islam]

Afterword: From Islam in Bengal to Bengali Islam
   [issues: heteroglossia, linguistic registers, and linguistic change from 14th to 18th c.]


Translation Anthology

Tentative Title: 
The Needle at the Bottom of the Sea: Five Miracle Tales of Bengali Sufi Saints

Table of Contents: 
“The Legendary Tale of Gaji Pir, Kalu, and the Darling Campavati”
   [Gaji Kalu o Campavati Kanyar Puthi of Munshi Abdul Rahim]

“The Auspicious Saga of Daksina Raya, Hindu Lord of the South”
   [Raya Mangala of Krsnarama Dasa]

“The Birth of Manik Pir to Badar Pir and Dudbibi”
   [Manik Pirer Jahuranama of Jaiurradi (=Jaidi) as sung by Ganjar Fakir]

“The Dazzling Appearance of Bonbibi, Muslim Mistress of the Forest”
   [Bonbibi Jahur Nama of Munshi Mohammad Khater Saheb]

"The Tale of Nala and Nila with  Satya Pir"
  [Nalanīler pāla, satyanarayaner pancali]