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New Book by RLST Senior Lecturer Issam Eido



Eido Book


Please join the Department of Religious Studies in congratulating Professor M. Issam Eido on the publication of his two-volume work, Early Hadīth Scholars and their Criteria of Hadīth Criticism (Dar al-Muqtabas, 2018).

Early Hadīth Scholars and their Criteria of Hadīth Criticism is a two-volume study of the criteria followed by the scholars of hadith (muḥaddith), Ḥanafī legal experts (fuqahāʾ) and rationalist theologians (muʿtazila) in early Islamic period (8th-11th centuries). The book divided into three major sections: introduction on the origin and evolution of ḥadīth criticism, section one on the epistemological approaches followed by scholars in terms of verifying intrinsically the veracity of prophetic reports, and section two on how the prophetic reports can be criticized extrinsically according to their overlap with other sources such as Qurʾān, sunna, analogy and legal maxims.

Professor Eido serves as Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at Vanderbilt University. To read further work by Dr. Eido, see his review of Khadiga Musa's "A Critical Edition of 'Umdat al-Nāzir 'alā al-Ashbāh wa'l-Nazā 'ir" in the American Academy of Religion's Reading Religion, and his article, "The Rise of Syrian Salafism: From Denial to Recognition," which can be found in Raymond Hinnesbach and Omar Imady's edited volume, The Syrian Uprising: Domestic Origins and Early Trajectory (Routledge, 2018).