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Being Muslim: How Local Islam Overturns Narratives of Exceptionalism

Workshop IV
Transnational and Local Networks of Pilgrimage 
[click here for PDF of Workshop IV Program ]  [PDF of Workshop Poster]


08:45-09:00:  Introductions and The Mapping Of The Intellectual Project
Tony K. Stewart, Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Chair in Humanities, Professor and Chair, Department of Religious Studies, and Project Convener, Vanderbilt University 
Cindy D. Kam, Senior Associate Dean, College of Arts and Science, Vanderbilt University

09:00-11:00: Decentralizing Mecca 
Lâle Can, Assistant Professor, Department of History, City College of New York
    “Writing the Road to Mecca via Istanbul: Muhammad Solih Toshkandiy’s Hajjnoma-i Turkiy”
Tal Tamari, Chargée de recherche, Anthropologie, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, et Chargée de cours, Anthropologie, Université Libre de Bruxelles
    “The Saints of Timbuktu, Salim Suware, and Five Pilgrimages”
respondent: Moses Ochonu, Associate Professor, Department of History, Vanderbilt University

11:00-13:00: Authority, Identity, and Heterodoxy
Jocelyn Hendrickson, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies and History & Classics, University of Alberta
    “Pilgrimage on the Periphery: Discouraging the Hajj”
Rose Aslan, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, California Lutheran University
    “Following the Footsteps of the Imams in Najaf: Pilgrimage Manuals and Shi’i Identity”
respondent: Leor Halevi, Associate Professor, Department of History, Vanderbilt University

14:00–16:00: Women and Genealogies of Power
Rizwan Mawani, Cultural Consultant and Research Specialist, The Institute of Ismaili Studies
“Daughters of Ali: Lineages of Majesty, Landscapes of Piety”
Daniel Birchok, Lecturer and Affiliated Scholar, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Michigan
    “Waiting for the Keramat to Drop: Genealogy, Pilgrimage, and the Female Saints of Seunagan, Indonesia”
respondent: Samira Sheikh, Associate Professor, Department of History, Vanderbilt University


09:00-11:00: Pilgrimage and the Production of Locality
Katja Werthmann, Professor for Society, Politics, and Economic Activities in Africa, Institut für Afrikanistik, Universität Leipzig  
   “Local Religion or Cult Shopping? A Sacrificial Site in Burkina Faso”
Sabahat Adil,
PhD Candidate, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, The University of Chicago
   “Seeking Baraka in Tlemcen: Local Pilgrimage Networks in the Islamic West”
: Dianna Bell, Mellon Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University

11:00-13:00: The Poetics of Pilgrimage
Ismail Alatas, PhD Candidate, Doctoral Program in Anthropology and History, University of Michigan
    “The Poetics of Pilgrimage: Producing Contemporary Indonesian Pilgrimage to Ḥaḍramawt, Yemen”
Cassandra Chambliss,
PhD Candidate, Folklore Department, Indiana University
    “Hosting the Sheikh: Understanding ziyara through Serial Pilgrimage Performances and Rituals of Hospitality”
respondent: Anand V. Taneja, Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University

14:00–16:00: How the Fringe Has Altered the Hajj
Sebastian Maisel, Associate Professor of Arabic and Middle East Studies, Grand Valley State University
    “Transnational Roles, Local Rewards: A New System of Service-Provision and Revenue-Sharing for
     Hajj and Umrah”
Nadav Samin,
Visiting Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College
    “A Late Mughal Ḥajj Pilgrim and His Nephew’s Meccan Scholarly Legacy”
respondent: David Wasserstein, Eugene Greener, Jr., Professor of Jewish Studies, Department of History, Vanderbilt University


09:00-11:00: How Returns from Mecca Conditions Local Identity
Afsar Mohammad, Senior Lecturer, Asian Studies, University of Texas–Austin
    “A Pilgrimage to the Periphery: Urban Muslims and Sufi Pilgrim Narratives”
Michelle Johnson, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bucknell University
    “‘Welcome Back from Mecca!’: Re-imagining the Haj
respondent: Richard J. McGregor, Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University

11:00: Closing Remarks