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Tony K. Stewart, Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Chair in Humanities, Professor of Religious Studies,
    Asian Studies, Graduate Department of Religion
Richard McGregor, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Graduate Department of Religion

Workshops Steering Committee
Dianna Bell, Mellon Assistant Professor of Religious Studies (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Richard McGregor, Associate Professor of Religious Studies (Egypt and Middle East)
Moses Ebe Ochonu, Associate Professor of History (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Samira Sheikh, Associate Professor of History, Asian Studies (South Asia, Indian Ocean)
Tony K. Stewart, Professor of Religious Studies (South Asia)
Anand Vivek Taneja, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Asian Studies (South Asia)

Additional Islamic Studies Faculty
Philip Ackerman-Lieberman, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies, Law, History (Middle East, Cairo Geniza)
Katherine Carroll, Assistant Professor, Political Science (political Islam, Middle East, Iraq)
Abdul Momin Chowdhury, Fulbright Visiting Scholar in History (Bangladesh, South Asia)
Julia Philips Cohen, Assistant Professor, History, Jewish Studies (Ottoman and eastern Mediterranean)
Humberto Garcia, English (Orientalism)
Lenn E. Goodman, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities, Professor of Philosophy (early modern
Bushra Hamad, Arabic Language and Culture (Middle East, north Africa)
Leor Halevi, Associate Professor of History, Professor of Law (eastern Mediterranean)
Beverly Moran, Professor of Law, Sociology (comparative Law)
Jack Sasson, Mary Jane Werthen Professor of Jewish and Biblical Studies (ancient Near East)
David Wasserstein, Professor of History, Eugene Greener, Jr., Professor of Jewish Studies (Andalusia,

Funding for the series has been generously provided by The Fant Fund, the Dean of the College of Arts and Science, and the Department of Religious Studies, Vanderbilt University.