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Katherine Carroll, Director
Professor Carroll directs the program in Public Policy Studies and advises all majors. Her interests are in Middle East politics, American military policy, and American foreign policy.

Carrie Russell, Senior Lecturer
Professor Russell teaches PPS 295, the capstone course in Public Policy Studies. A lawyer with a doctorate in political science, her interests are in Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Race and public policy.

Bill Purcell, Adjunct Professor
Professor Purcell teaches PPS 294, Cities in the 21st Century. He is a former two-term mayor of Nashville (1999-2007) who has both taught and held leadership roles at Tennessee State University and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He also served for a decade in the Tennessee House of Representatives where he was Majority Leader. Today he practices law in Nashville, teaches, and serves the community through memberships on various boards and advisory committees.

David Manning , Visiting Professor
Professor Manning will teach Public Finance in PPS starting in Spring 2017.  Manning has a 40-year career in public finance that included 8 years as Director of Finance for the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, TN.

Jennifer Novak-Leonard, Professor of the Practice of Public Policy

Zdravka Tzankova Associate Professor NTT
Professor Tzankova teaches PPS 4960, the senior seminar on research in public policy. Her research and professional work are in the area of environmental policy and regulation, both public and private. Her scholarly interest in understanding the evolution and performance of environmental policies, institutions, and management programs is matched by a strong normative commitment to improving the conservation and democratic performance of environmental policy and management.

PPS Advisory Committee: