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The Capstone Class

The PPS Capstone requires students to produce a significant research paper on a topic related to their policy track. Think strategically as you choose your capstone topic. What data do you have access to through an internship or other connections? What policy questions are the organizations you would like to work for investigating? Conducting capstone research is an opportunity to reach out to these organizations, making them aware of your abilities and interests.

If you have an internship or job that relates to your track area in the summer or semester prior to taking the capstone course be alert for opportunities there to get started on your paper. Ask if you may use their data as a basis for your paper. Conduct interviews. Feel free to email a member of the PPS teaching team to run capstone paper ideas by them before you enroll in the course.

PPS received a generous gift from the family of former PPS student that is used to fund travel, data purchases, and other expenses associated with student capstone papers. If you wish to apply for funding for your project please discuss this with your capstone professor as soon as possible during the semester.