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Yihan (Sophy) Xiong

Graduate Student
Research Area:

Neurophysiology of prediction and consciousness

Sophy received her BS in psychobiology and BA in linguistics From University of California, Los Angeles in 2018. Her undergraduate research work involved novel treatments for mood disorders (under Drs. Michelle Craske and Eliza Congdon), and neurogenetics of autism using rodent models (under Drs. Daniel Geschwind and Katrina Choe). She then worked as a research assistant in addiction and emotion regulation research using human neuroimaging methods (under Dr. Hedy Kober) at Yale University. She joined the Bastos Lab in Fall 2021 pursuing her PhD in Psychology, starting her training in non-human primate research and investigating the neurophysiology of prediction in the brain. When not in lab, she can be found salsa-dancing, video-gaming, and trapeze-flying.