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Sean Polyn

Associate Professor of Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychiatry

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Representative Publications

Top cited:

Norman, K. A., Polyn, S. M., Detre, G. J., & Haxby, J. V. (2006). Beyond mind-reading: multi-voxel pattern analysis of fMRI data. Trends in cognitive sciences10(9), 424-430.

Polyn, S. M., Natu, V. S., Cohen, J. D., & Norman, K. A. (2005). Category-specific cortical activity precedes retrieval during memory search. Science310(5756), 1963-1966.

Polyn, S. M., Norman, K. A., & Kahana, M. J. (2009). A context maintenance and retrieval model of organizational processes in free recall. Psychological review116(1), 129.

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