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Jisoo Sun

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Representative Publications

Sun, J., & Gauthier, I. (2023). Does food recognition depend on color? Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Sun, J., & Gauthier, I. (2021). Car expertise does not compete with face expertise during ensemble coding. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 83(3), 1275-1281.

Sun, J., & Chong, S. C. (2020). Power of averaging: noise reduction by ensemble coding of multiple faces. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 149(3), 550-563.

Im, H. Y., Chong, S. C., Sun, J., Steiner, T. G., Albohn, D. N., Adams, R. B., & Kveraga, K. (2017). Cross-cultural and hemispheric laterality effects on the ensemble coding of emotion in facial crowds. Culture and Brain, 5(2), 125-152.

Sun, J., Yang, J.-W., & Chong, S. C. (2017). The effect of emotional valence of stimuli and emotional state of observers on distance perception. The Korean Journal of Cognitive and Biological Psychology, 29(4), 331-349.

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2022 Graduate School Travel Grant, Vanderbilt Graduate School, Vanderbilt University
2020 Psychology Scholarship Fund Award, Department of Psychology, Vanderbilt University
2020 William F. Hodges Teaching Assistant Award, Department of Psychology, Vanderbilt University