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Kickball 2024 edition!

Posted by on Thursday, May 16, 2024 in Events: Past, News.

This year’s Kickball event was a success! Playing under the tent was surprisingly nice, and we didn’t break anything. A team of staff, faculty and student from Psychology (aka “not Ashleigh’s team”) was victorious against the younger, stronger and eager (but perhaps still too green?) team of students from PSY 1200 General Psychology Maymester (team Freud, thanks to Ashleigh’s excellent guidance re. the most important and current thinkers of our field)! Thanks to Erin Duran and Ashleigh Maxcey for organizing, Adriane Seiffert for bringing snacks, and Ashley Watts for a guest appearance on the field!
Rumor is that next year, the event will be *opt-out*, with a note from the doctor or a dean’s excuse among the acceptable justifications for not partaking in the festivities.