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Radnor Lake birdwatching April 20, 2024

Posted by on Tuesday, April 23, 2024 in Events: Past, News.

(Our full list for that morning can be found here:

At Radnor Lake, with gentle tread,
The psychology folks, with eyes ahead,
Spied birds aloft and on the wing,
In a chorus only spring could bring.

Canada Geese in stately flight,
Wood Ducks glimmered in morning light,
Mallards waddled, a charming view,
Chimney Swifts in skies so blue.

Great Blue Herons, statuesque and tall,
Black and Turkey Vultures, lords of all,
Red-bellied Woodpeckers tapped away,
While unseen Downys also play.

From Pileateds with echoing knock,
To Kingbirds and Vireos part of the flock,
Blue Jays screeched within the breeze,
Chickadees and Titmice flit with ease.

Carolina Wrens, their songs so sweet,
Northern Swallows swooped so neat,
Gnatcatchers danced on invisible thread,
Kinglets crowned with ruby red.

Eastern Bluebirds, thrushes too,
Golden finches, in gold and blue,
Sparrows rustled through the leaves,
Orioles weaved their hanging eaves.

Red-winged Blackbirds in marshy bands,
Cowbirds roamed o’er forest lands,
Warblers striped and warblers plain,
Each unique, part of nature’s refrain.

Cardinals, the last, in radiant hue,
Capped our list as we withdrew.
Such a day, where every call
Bound us close, enthralled us all.

(composed with ChatGPT’s help.
Thank you to the Psychology Department for their support of the event,
Erin for making it happen, and our guides Steven and Carol Baskauf).