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Prof. Julia Velkovska and Prof. Marta Verweij interviews at Quark Matter 2018

May 17, 2018—

The links below show the interviews with professors Julia Velkovska and Marta Verweij about what is new and exciting from the PHENIX and the CMS collaborations at Quark Matter 2018 in Venezia, Italy.

» Julia Velkovska interview.

» Marta Verweij interview.

The interviews were conducted and produced by INFN Comunicazione (the communications division of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics).

David Weintraub’s new book generates good publicity

May 17, 2018—A few more examples : » Tennessean, » Religionnews, » USAToday.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for Savanna Starko

May 9, 2018—NSF awarded 2000 fellowships this year across all disciplines and Savanna was one of seventeen recipients at Vanderbilt. Congratulations to her and her mentor, Professor Alfredo Gurrola.

NASA mission uses VU-developed map

May 9, 2018—Professor Keivan Stassun’s research in MyVU after the successful launch of TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite). » Read more.

Video about Prof. Weintraub

May 9, 2018—Vanderbilt’s facebook page is currently highlighting the story of undergraduate senior Allie Doten, who has a passion for science communications that was inspired in part by her experiences in Professor David Weintraub’s intro astronomy class. » Read more.

Marta Verweij paper in PRL

May 9, 2018—A CMS analysis effort led by our new colleague Marta Verweij was just highlighted in PRL. » Read more. article recommending VU's online course in Celestial Navigation

May 9, 2018—There is a nice article on today (by former Forman lecturer Rhett Allain) that details some useful, but almost-lost skills on navigating without GPS and recommends Vanderbilt's online course in celestial navigation. Congrats to Susan Stewart, Erika Grundstrom, and Dave Caudel who developed the course through the Center for Teaching's BOLD program. » Read more.

LA Times featured an editorial by Professor David Weintraub

May 9, 2018—Professor David Weintraub on why we may want to slow down our rush to send humans to Mars ... » Read more.

VUSRP and ACCRE scholarships

May 9, 2018—The Vanderbilt Undergraduate Summer Research Program provides Vanderbilt undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in 10 weeks (Monday, June 4 – Friday, August 10, 2018) of full-time research in collaboration with any full-time Vanderbilt faculty member. Vanderbilt undergraduate students can also apply to the 2018 ACCRE Scholars summer program. The ACCRE Scholars program includes a $5000 stipend for ten weeks of immersive computational research on ACCRE cluster resources. » Read more.

Prof. John Wikswo and his team win an R&D 100 Award

December 6, 2017—

This is the lead in this week's CTTC newsletter.

» Read more.

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