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Leonard Feldman

Stevenson Professor of Physics, Emeritus



  • B.A. (Physics) - Drew University, 1961
  • M.S. (Physics) - Rutgers, The State University, 1963
  • Ph.D. (Physics) - Rutgers, The State University, 1967


  • Electronic Materials, Surface and Interface Science
  • Thin Films, Epitaxy, Materials Science
  • Materials Modification and Analysis Using Ion Beams


  • 1996 - Stevenson Professor of Physics, Vanderbilt University
  • 1996 - Distinguished Visiting Scientist, Oak Ridge National Lab


  • 1967-96 - AT&T Bell Laboratories
  • 1990 - 1996 - Department Head: Silicon Materials Research Department, Silicon Electronics Research Laboratory (R. E. Howard, Director)
  • 1987-1990 - Department Head: Thin Film Semiconductor Research Department, Materials Processing Laboratory, (A.Y. Cho, Director)
  • 1984-1987 - Department Head: Materials Interfaces and Ceramics Research Department, Materials Science Laboratory, (G.Y. Chin, Director)
  • 1983-1984 - Supervisor: Materials Interface Characterization Group,
    Physical Metallurgy and Ceramics Research Department, (G. Y. Chin, Dept. Head)
  • 1967-1983 - Member of Technical Staff:
    Radiation Physics Department, (W. L. Brown, Dept. Head)


  • 1999 - Adler Lectureship Prize - American Physical Society
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society
  • Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (elected, 1994)
  • Distinguished Member of Technical Staff - AT&T Bell Labs
  • 1978 - Chairperson, Gordon Conference on Particle - Solid Interactions
  • 1996 - Chairperson, Gordon Conference on Defects in Semiconductors
  • Robert Mehrabian Distinguished Lecturer in Materials - University of California, Santa Barbara
  • 1991 - Ontario Center for Materials Research, Distinguished Lecturer
  • Fellow of the American Vacuum Society


  • Graduate Students
    • Jonathan Bennett
    • M. Morales
  • Research Associates
    • Michael Budde
    • M.B. Huang


  • 1997- - Editor, J. of Vacuum Sci. and Tech.
  • 1985- - Editor-in-Chief, "Applied Surface Science," North Holland
  • 1989 - 1994 - Principal Editor, Journal of Materials Research
  • 1986- - Editorial Board, "Surface Science Reports," Elsevier
  • 1982- - Editorial Advisory Board - "Radiation Effect," Gordon and Breach


  • 1996 - Livermore National Lab, Physics Div. Adv. Panel
  • 1996 - Sci. Adv. Council, Institute for Semiconductor Physics, Frankfurt-Oder, Germany
  • 1992 - Sandia Labs - Review Panel
  • 1991- - Chairperson, Scientific Council, Danish Microelectronics Ctr.
  • 1983-1986 - University of Chicago Review Committee for Argonne National Lab. (Physics Div.)
  • 1988 - National Science Foundation Science and Tech. Centr. Selection Panel
  • Chairperson, SEMATECH Com. on Critical Materials for Elec. Tech.


  • Books
    • "Fundamentals of Surface and Thin Film Analysis," L. C. Feldman and J. W. Mayer, (New York: North Holland-Elsevier, 1986); translated into Japanese, Kaibundo Publishing (1988); translated into Russian, MIR Publishing (1989).
    • "Electronic Materials Thin Film Science," K. Tu, J. W. Mayer and L. C. Feldman, (New York: McMillan Pub., 1992).
    • "Materials Analysis by Ion Channeling," L. C. Feldman, J. W. Mayer, and S. T. Picraux, Academic Press, N.Y. (1982).
    • "Fundamentals of Surface and Thin Film Analysis," L. C. Feldman and J. W. Mayer, North Holland-Elsevier, N.Y.(1986); translated into japanese, Kaibundo Publishing (1998); translated into Russian, MIR Publishing (1989).
  • Articles- over 250 including:
    • Ultrathin Dielectrics in Si Microelectronics - An Overview, L. C. Feldman, E.P. Gusev, and E. Garfunkel in "Fundamental Aspects of Untrathin Dielectrics of Si-Based Devices," pp. 1-24, ed. by E. Garfunkel, E.P. Gusev, and A. Ya Vul; Kluwer Academic Publications (1998)
    • Penetration of Aluminum into 8-Tris-hydroxyquinoline Aluminum (alq) Thin Films: The Role of Aluminum Oxide, M.B. Haung, K. McDonald, J.C. Keay, Y.Q. Wang, S.J. Rosenthal, R.A. Weller and L.C. Feldman, Appl. Phys. Let. 73, 2914 (1998).
    • Resistivity and Oxygen Content of Indium Tin Oxide Films Deposited by Room Temperature Pulsed Laser Ablation, Y. Wu, C.H.M. Maree, R.A. Weller, R.F. Haglund, M.A. Morales-Palizza, M.B. Huang, J.D. Hamilton, and L.C. Feldman (submitted to Appl. Phys. Let.).
    • Interfacial Segregation in Strained Heterostructures: Boron in Si3Ge.2/Si, N. Moriya, L.C. Feldman, S.W. Downey, C.A. King, and A.B. Emerson, Phys. Rev. Let. 75, 1981 (1995).


  • 14 patents related to thin film growth and hetrostructure formation