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Lisa Madura

Lisa Madura is currently a PhD Candidate in Philosophy and preparing to enter the academic job market. Her training has been done in philosophy departments that are methodologically pluralist and from that training she has developed interests and expertise that extend across philosophical traditions. Her research and teaching interests center on issues in social and political philosophy, broadly construed, as well as feminist philosophy and philosophy of race, with a special interest in their phenomenological and epistemic dimensions. Madura’s dissertation is concerned with the critical disruption of habit. In it, she employs an American naturalist mode of critical phenomenology to advance an analysis of habit that has implications for our thinking about racial and gendered oppression, and that attempts to clarify the how of progressive social and political transformation.


AOS: Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Critical Phenomenology

AOC: 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Liberalism & Democratic Theory

Representative publications

Co-editor and Contributor: Refugees Now: Rethinking Borders, Hospitality, and Citizenship (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019)