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Philosophy Department

Contact Information

phone: (615) 322-2382
023 Furman Hall


Ph. D., Northwestern University (1998), Philosophy
M.A., Northwestern University (1995), Philosophy
B.A., University of Sevilla (1991), Philosophy

José Medina

Professor of Philosophy

Research Area

Dr. Medina’s research interests are in Race and Gender Theory, Social and Political Philosophy, Social/Political Epistemology, and political topics in Philosophy of Language and Mind.

Recent Courses

Dr. Medina’s recent seminars have been Hate Speech, Critical Race Theory, the Imagination, Meaning and Identity, Social Theories of Mind, Truth and Interpretation, and Wittgenstein.

Click here to download an interview with José Medina.


Race and Gender, Political Philosophy, Social Epistemology, and Philosophy of Language and Mind

Representative publications


The Epistemology of Resistance: Gender and Racial Oppression, Epistemic Injustice, and Resistant Imaginations (Oxford University Press, 2012)
Speaking From Elsewhere: A New Contextualist Perspective on Meaning, Identity, and Discursive Agency (SUNY, 2006)
Language, Key Concepts in Philosophy Series (Continuum, 2005)
The Unity of Wittgenstein's Philosophy: Necessity, Intelligibility, and Normativity(SUNY, 2002)


"Hermeneutical Injustice and Polyphonic Contextualism: Social Silences and Shared Hermeneutical Responsibilities"Social Epistemology Vol. 26 (2), 201-220.
"The Relevance of Credibility Excess in A Proportional View of Epistemic Injustice: Differential Epistemic Authority and the Social Imaginary"Social Epistemology Vol. 25 (1) (2011), 15-35. 
"Toward a Foucaultian Epistemology of Resistance: Counter-Memory, Epistemic Friction, and Guerrilla Pluralism"Foucault Studies No. 12 (2011), 9-35.
"Wittgenstein as a Rebel: Dissidence and Contestation in Discursive Practices",International Journal of Philosophical Studies Vol. 18 (1) (2010), 1-29. 
"Whose meanings? Resignifying Voices and Their Social Locations"Journal of Speculative Philosophy Vol. 22, No. 2 (2008), 92-105.
"What's So Special About Self-Knowledge"Philosophical Studies Vol. 129, No. 3 (2006), 575-603
"Identity Trouble", Symposia on Gender, Race and Philosophy (2005).
"The Meanings of Silence: Wittgensteinian Contextualism and the View from Elsewhere"Inquiry 47 (2004), 1-18.
"Anthropologism, Naturalism, and the Pragmatic Study of Language", The Journal of Pragmatics (2004).
"Pragmatism and Ethnicity: Critique, Reconstruction, and the New Hispanic"Metaphilosophy 35 (2004), 115-146.
“Deflationism and the True Colors of Necessity in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus“,Dialectica 57 (2004), 357-385 
“On Being ‘Other-Minded’: Wittgenstein, Davidson, and Logical Aliens”,International Philosophical Quarterly 43 (2003), 463-475
Identity and Ethnicity, edited volume for The Journal of Speculative Philosophy(2004) “Identity Trouble: Disidentification and the Problem of Difference”,Philosophy and Social Criticism (29, #6, 2003), 655-680
“Wittgenstein and Nonsense: Kantianism, Psychologism, and the Habitus“,International Journal of Philosophical Studies (11,#3, 2003), 293-318
“Verificationism and Inferentialism in Wittgenstein’s Philosophy”, Philosophical Investigations (24, 4, 2001), 304-313

Critical reviews of Professor's Medina's Essay 'Identity Trouble':

Marilyn Frye, Category Skepticism and its Cure: Commentary on Medina's "Identity Trouble" 
Jorge Garcia, Identity Confusion: Commentary on Medina's "Identity Trouble"
Peg O'Connor, Identity Trouble and the Politics of Privilege: Commentary on Medina's "Identity Trouble"
Professor Medina's reply, Being Critical About Identity: Reply to Frye, Garcia, and O'Connor

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