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Idit Dobbs-Weinstein

Professor of Philosophy, Emerita

Research Area

Professor Dobbs-Weinstein's research areas include: Aristotle, Medieval Jewish, Arabic and Christian Philosophy, Spinoza, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of History, and Critical Theory (especially Adorno and Benjamin)

Current Research

Professor Dobbs-Weinstein's current project involves the critical examination of dominant modes of interpreting Aristotle's De Anima and Metaphysics and the recovery of an alternate materialist Aristotelian tradition occluded by them.

Recent Courses

Professor Dobbs-Weinstein regularly teaches courses in Aristotle, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Medieval Philosophy, and Critical Theory.

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Aristotle, Medieval, Spinoza, Contemporary Continental, Critical Theory

Representative publications


Maimonides and his Heritage, co-edited with Lenn Goodman and James Allen Grady, SUNY Press, 2009.

Maimonides and St. Thomas on the Limits of Reason, SUNY Press, 1995

Articles and Book Chapters

"Trauma and the possibility of Experience," Trauma:Reflections on Experience and Its Other, Bergo, Brown, Nelson, eds., (SUNY, 2009)

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