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Other Experiences

Prospective architects are encouraged to explore their field of interest by gaining experience in the workplace. Summer internships at architectural firms and/or summer pre-architecture seminars or classes will increase a student’s base of experience in addition to building certainty of career choice. In addition, it is important to remember that graduate programs will accept portfolios of creative work. Strong work in the traditional crafts (ceramics, textiles, glass, jewelry, etc.), samples of creative writing, and computer-generated imagery are all acceptable forms of work, but portfolios containing drawings, prints, sculpture, and photographs are preferred.


Other Information

Graduate programs are not necessarily seeking undergraduates with technical or engineering-based backgrounds. In today’s world, architecture should be thought of as a design field, not an engineering field. Graduate programs are interested in students with ability to find interesting solutions to art-related problems. A setting such as Vanderbilt University is perfect for learning to think critically, engaging other interests, and preparing fully for a profession in architecture. 

BLUEprint, Vanderbilt’s pre-architecture student organization, sponsors speakers, activities and field trips, and graduate school preparation and advice for interested students.