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Course of Study at Vanderbilt

 As long as the minimum requirements for the pre-architecture program are met, students will be at no disadvantage in the graduate application process and are free to select any undergraduate major. In particular, many Vanderbilt students find that the pre-architecture curriculum fits easily with a minor in History of Art, Studio Art, or Theatre. In addition, students in the College of Arts and Science have the option to design an interdisciplinary major based on a particular interest such as architecture. Many of the courses in this curriculum also satisfy core liberal arts requirements. A pre-architecture course of study is an ideal fit with Vanderbilt’s liberal arts programs.

Recommended Pre-Architecture Courses

The courses listed in this document (detailed below) will help students prepare for most graduate programs in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design, Urban Planning, Historic Preservation, Architectural History, and related fields. Below are the minimum requirements for pre-architecture students (recommended by Vanderbilt): 

-        Math 1200/1201 (or higher) calculus

-        Physics 1501/1502 AND physics1502/1502L or higher sequence

-        Students are encouraged to take at least one of the following:                     

-        Earth and Environmental Science 1510/1510L

-        A higher level courses in a natural or earth science

-        Portfolio of creative work: 3-5 studio art courses

-        2 courses in the social sciences

-        2 courses in English/writing

-        2 courses in the humanities

-        2 courses in art history and/or architectural history

-        GRE (Graduate Record Exam)


Recommended Pre-Architecture Courses: Courses in bold are highly recommended

*Students should check on course prerequisites when planning their coursework 


Math 1200 and 1201 or higher (one year of calculus)

One year calculus sequence is recommended but Math 1100 will count for many grad programs.



Physics 1501/1502 AND Physics 1501L/1502L lab OR Physics 1601/1602 lab and Physics 1601L/1602L lab OR higher one-year sequence in Physics


Studio Art

ARTS 1102  Drawing & Composition

ARTS 1101 Introduction to Studio Art

ARTS 2100  Drawing & Composition 

ARTS 3100  Drawing & Composition 

ARTS 1503  Text and Image

ARTS 1401  Sculptural Ceramics

ARTS 1500  Sculpture

ARTS 1501  Assemblage

ARTS 1502  Installation Art

ARTS 1300 Painting  I 

ARTS 2300  Painting  II

ARTS 3300  Painting  III 

ARTS 1600  Printmaking: Relief & Intaglio 

ARTS 1601  Printmaking: Screen Printing and Lithography

ARTS 2600  Printmaking II

ARTS 3600  Printmaking III

ARTS 1200  Photography I

ARTS 1202 Digital Imaging

ARTS 2202 Digital Imaging II

ARTS 2200  Photography II 

ARTS 3200  Photography III 

ARTS 1700 Video Art I

ARTS 2700 Video ART II 


History of Art & Architecture

Please note that the History of Art Department offers a minor in the History of Architecture

HART 1100  History of Western Art (Ancient to Medieval)

HART 1105 History of Western Art II (Renaissance to Modern)

HART 1120 History of Western Architecture

HART 1111 First-Year Writing Seminar

HART 1200  Arts of East Asia

HART 1220  History of Asian Architecture

HART 3274  Art of Empire from Constantine to Justinian

HART 2270  Early Christian and Byzantine Art

HART 2285 Medieval Art

HART 2650 19th - Century Architecture: Theory and Practice

HART 2720 Modern Architecture

HART 2722 Modern Art & Architecture in Paris

HART 3172 Himalayan Art:  Art of the Divine Abode

HART 3174 The South Asian Temple

HART 3112 The Arts of China during the Liao-Song Period

HART 2150 East Asian Architecture & Gardens

HART 2110 Arts of China

HART 2130 Arts of Japan

HART 2220 Greek Art & Architecture

HART 3252 Cities of the Roman East

HART 2210 Art & Architecture of Ancient Egypt

HART 2780 History of Western Urbanism

HART 271  History of Landscape Design



CLAS 2200 Archaic and Classical Greek Art & Architecture

CLAS 2250 Roman Art & Architecture

CLAS 3200 The Greek City

CLAS 3210 The Archaeology of Greek Sanctuaries


Religious Studies

RLST 3669 Sacred Space in the Tibetan World



ENGL 1280 Beginning Fiction Workshop

ENGL 1290 Beginning Poetry Workshop

ENGL 3230 Intermediate Fiction Workshop

ENGL 3250 Intermediate Poetry Workshop

ENGL 3694 America on Film: Art & Ideology

ENGL 3730 Literature and the Environment


Cinema and Media Arts

CMA 1500  Fundamentals of Film and Video Production

CMA 1600  Introduction to the Study of Film

CMA 2100 Intermediate Nonfiction Filmmaking: Alternate Forms

CMA 2200  Intermediate Filmmaking: The Fiction Film

CMA 2500W  Screenwriting

CMA 2600W  Advanced Screenwriting

CMA 3891 Special Topics in Film and Video Production



THTR 1010  Fundamentals of Theater

THTR 1010 W  Fundamentals of Theater

THTR 1711  Introduction to Theatrical Production

THTR 1751  Fundamentals of Theater Design

THTR 3721  Scenery & Properties 

THTR 3761  Lighting & Sound

THTR 3741 Costume & Makeup


Biological Sciences

BSCI 1103 Green Earth

ENVE 3610 Sustainable Development

PHIL 3611 Environmental Philosophy

EES 4750 Sustainable Systems Science



PHIL 1111 Green Cities

PHIL 273 Environmental Philosophy 



SOC 207 Climate Change and Society

SOC 3316 Business, Civil Society, and the Environment


Earth and Environmental Sciences

EES 1510 Dynamic Earth