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EPA-funded study aims to create novel platform for research into long-term neurotoxin exposure

October 16, 2019—A new Vanderbilt study funded by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency seeks to construct a new platform and reliable approach for future studies into organophosphate compounds, such as...

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Professor, Chemist, Mentor: Steve Townsend, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

October 15, 2019—Steve Townsend’s office has a lot of the hallmarks you would expect to find in a chemistry professor’s office: models of chemical bonds sitting on the desk, academic and industry...

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New method reveals how differences in the genetic “instruction booklet” between humans and Neanderthals influenced traits

October 7, 2019—When it comes to our differences from Neanderthals, most of what we know comes from comparing fossils. But fossils can only tell us about bones and not whole living organisms....

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High standards of female songbirds could be driving their mates to evolve

September 4, 2019—Picky females force male songbirds to become better singers.

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Rare study of Earth-sized planet uses technique pioneered by Vanderbilt professor

August 19, 2019—A groundbreaking study, using data from NASA and a technique pioneered by a Vanderbilt professor, is giving humankind a glimpse at a distant exoplanet with a size similar to Earth...

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Rokas to lead budding cross-disciplinary collaboration on evolutionary studies

August 14, 2019—The Vanderbilt Evolutionary Studies Initiative seeks to position the university as a global leader in evolutionary studies by engaging a large group of scholars who share this research interest.

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Behavioral science models can help identify the greenest dietary changes

August 9, 2019—Spreading the gospel of veggie-only diets may not be the most effective way to help reduce overall, food-related greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new model based on behavioral science....

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Intense look at La Brea Tar Pits explains why we have coyotes, not saber-toothed cats

August 5, 2019—The most detailed study to date of ancient predators trapped in the La Brea Tar Pits is helping Americans understand why today we’re dealing with coyotes dumping over garbage cans...

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