Degree Regulations & Administration

This page contains information about rules, regulations, and administrative procedures.



1. Algebra Topics.
2. Analysis Topics.
3. Topology Topics.

The Preliminary Examination Committees for January, 2018 exams are:

  • Algebra Committee: Denis Osin (Chair), Ralph McKenzie, Mark Sapir, Constantine Tsinakis
  • Analysis Committee: Jesse Peterson(Chair), Akaram Aldroubi, Emmanuele DiBenedetto, Gieri Simonett
  • Topology Committee: Mike Mihalik (Chair), Anna Marie Bohmann, Spencer Dowdall, Ioana Suvaina

    The Preliminary Examination Committees for August, 2018 exams are:

  • Algebra Committee: Mark Sapir (Chair), Ralph McKenzie, Alexander Olshanskiy, Constantine Tsinakis
  • Analysis Committee: Emmanuele DiBenedetto (Chair), Marcelo Disconzi, Doug Hardin, Dechao Zheng
  • Topology Committee: Mike Mihalik (Chair), Anna Marie Bohmann, Spencer Dowdall, Bruce Hughes

    Ph.D. Regulations.
    Master’s Degree Regulations.


    Any absence from Vanderbilt that will affect your teaching requires permission from the chair of the department. You must provide the chair with information about who will be covering your teaching duties (including office hours) and your arrangements must be approved by the chair. These rules apply whether the absence is for personal or for professional reasons. They are the same rules that apply to faculty.

    Absences for longer than a week will usually not be approved. Prolonged absences like this disrupt the continuity of your class, and can be detrimental to the education of your students, even if you make arrangements for other people to cover for you. As you should be aware, Vanderbilt is serious about the quality of education it provides, and such disruption must be avoided.

    Additional Employment information:
    Students receiving financial support from the university have a responsibility to ensure that their energy and attention are spent on their studies and the duties associated with their financial aid. Employment in other areas can serve as a distraction from this fundamental responsibility. Therefore, graduate students receiving financial support must obtain permission from the Director of Graduate Studies (acting on behalf of the chair of the department and of the Dean of the Graduate School) to engage in additional employment. Permission to work will depend on grades and (if appropriate) teaching evaluations.

    Because of rules about what constitutes full-time employment, teaching assistants must do strictly less than 10 hours per week of extra work at Vanderbilt. This restriction does not apply to employment outside of Vanderbilt, but more than 10 hours per week of extra work is unlikely to be permitted except in special cases.