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March 2, 2018

Shanks Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Fluid Dynamics

Fluid dynamic simulation of a hummingbird?s unsteady aerodynamics through high-fidelity computational modeling (courtesy of Haoxiang Luo, Vanderbilt University)

The Department of Mathematics will host the Shanks Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Fluid Dyanamics March 24 to 25, 2018. The workshop will provide an opportunity for the dissemination and discussion of recent results and new techniques in the study of partial differential equations related to fluid dynamics. In particular, workshop participants will benefit from the interdisciplinary composition of the group of speakers, which includes researchers working on theoretical, numerical, and applied aspects of fluid dynamics.

The speakers are Roland Glowinski of the University of Houston; Juhi Jang and Igor Kukavica of the University of Southern California; Haoxiang Luo of Vanderbilt University; Anna Mazzucato of Pennsylvania State University; Todd Oliynyk of Monash University, Australia; Jared Speck of MIT;
and Chongchun Zeng of Georgia Tech.

The workshop organizers are Marcelo Disconzi, Chenyun Luo, Giusy Mazzone, and Gieri Simonett, all of Vanderbilt University. Support for the event is provided by the Shanks Endowment, Vanderbilt University, and the National Science Foundation.

More information is available on the workshop website.