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May 23, 2014

Constructive Functions 2014 Conference, May 26-30

An international conference entitled Constructive Functions 2014 will be held at Vanderbilt May 26-30, 2014. The focus of the conference is on all aspects of constructive function theory, from asymptotics to zero distribution, and on minimum energy problems on manifolds.

The conference is being held in honor of the 70th birthday of Professor Ed Saff. The topics and broad international involvement in this conference reflect Saff’s seminal contributions to these areas of research, as well as his career-long efforts to build connections between mathematical communities around the world.

The conference will also include a school comprising two evening sessions designed for the benefit of young researchers. These sessions will include expository talks on advanced topics in analysis to be delivered by Henry Cohn (Microsoft Research), Arno Kuijlaars (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Barry Simon (Caltech), and Nick Trefethen (Oxford University).

The conference organizers are Doug Hardin and Brian Simanek (both of Vanderbilt University) and Doron Lubinsky (Georgia Institute of Technology). Further information is available on the conference website.