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The Dual Advantage

Liberal arts for creativity, vision and wisdom. Business courses for the knowledge, skills and tools.

Many students interested in a business career choose an undergraduate business major program to help them get a job after college or prepare them for business school. They limit their once-in-a-lifetime exposure to history, art, culture, philosophy and psychology to seek an advantage in the entry-level job market. The opportunity to gain an expansive view of humanity and the world is subordinated to spreadsheets, t-accounts, and advertising techniques. Students deprive themselves of the opportunity to explore a diverse range of subjects, study subjects that are meaningful to them, and gain a unique perspective on the world around them.

In today’s world, a unique combination of skills and diverse knowledge is far more essential than a narrowly-focused business education. The pressing issues of the world demand individuals who are creative and capable of tackling challenges in non-traditional ways. Great minds do not think alike. The opportunity to discover life and knowledge helps develop the impressionable character and creative spirit needed to become successful in any line of business.

At Vanderbilt, students develop a dual threat: an idealistic liberal arts education leveraged with practical business skills. Students pursue knowledge that leads to the discovery of the world around them while creating a solid foundation for a successful career in important fields such as finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Students are not immersed in a standard program where everyone takes the same classes, interacts with the same group of people, and learns the same style of thought. Students freely explore the diverse worlds of Arts and Science, Engineering, Human Organizational Development, and Music while obtaining their business education through one of the Managerial Studies Minors. Every student has the opportunity to create his or her own program of study, whether it is double majoring in philosophy and psychology or studying politics and economics.

Leverage your own unique characteristics and abilities. Don’t settle for tunnel vision by only learning the tools of business. Turbocharge these practical skills with a unique way of thinking and perceiving the world. Interact with diverse minds and eclectic characters. Create value by combining unique methods of reasoning and logic with a superior understanding of markets and businesses. Pursue a profession but also discover life. Vanderbilt provides the opportunities to succeed at both.

What You Can Learn

Liberal arts for creativity, vision and wisdom. Business courses for the knowledge, skills and tools.

How You Will Learn

Use the Best Methodology to Enhance Learning. Change the Pace.

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