Washington University
Fall 2000

Instructor: Lutz Koepnick
Room: Eliot 316
Office: Ridgley 328
Telephone: 935-4350
Office hours: M 4:00-5:00 & W 4:00-5:00

Teaching Asst.: Ann-Kristin Drenkpohl
Office:   Ridgley 418
Telephone:  935-5106

Advanced German 302D is designed to refine and expand your German communication skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading). The course will introduce you to a more sophisticated use of vocabulary, and work through problems of stylistic expression. At the same time, the course will introduce you to a variety of cultural issues pertinent to contemporary Germany and help you learn to interpret and evaluate fictional and non-fictional materials.

The majority of texts and films this semester were written or produced during the 1990s. They reflect the emergence of a new generation of German writers and filmmakers who challenge some of the paradigms of postwar literary and film culture. Most of the texts deal with issues of individual transformation and redress, of generational conflict and imaginary escape. We will witness protagonists struggling with the legacies of the past or searching for new orientations. We will encounter characters realizing their dreams and passions or being shattered by the intractable order of the day. And we will read novels and view films that, in spite of their very personal voices and designs, enable us to explore the diversity and heterogeneity of German culture today. 

This class will be conducted entirely in German. Advanced German is a work-intensive course. Its success will depend on you and the amount of time you invest. Please be aware that attendance in both the main section and the subsection is crucial. Unexcused absences affect your grade in the performance and written homework category.

German 301D, the equivalent, or placement by examination

Required course materials are available for purchase at the Washington University Bookstore.

Delius, Friedrich Christian. Der Spaziergang von Rostock nach Syrakus. Reinbek: Rowohlt Taschenbuch, 1998.
Dörrie, Doris. Der Mann meiner Träume. Zurich: Diogenes, 1992.
Jenny, Zoe. Das Blütenstaubzimmer. Frankfurt a. M.: btb, 1999. 
Kracht, Christian. Faserland. Munich: Goldmann, 1997.
Schlink, Bernhard. Der Vorleser. Zurich: Diogenes, 1997.
Teichel, Hans-Ulrich, Der Verlorene. Frankfurt a. M.: Surhkamp, 1998

Wahrig, Gerhard. Deutsches Wörterbuch

Your final grade will be determined by the following breakdown:
40% classwork
30% weekly essays
20% final essay
10% Midterm

The bi-weekly subsection is an integral part of this course.  It is designed to review grammar issues and improve your writing. Weekly writing assignments for this subsections are due every Friday by 4pm.


W 8/30 Introduction
F 9/1 Schlink, Der Vorleser (5-22)

M 9/4  Labor Day 
W 9/6  No Classes: Göttingen / Tübingen Day
F 9/8  Schlink, Der Vorleser (23-74)

M 9/11  Schlink, Der Vorleser (75-108)
W 9/13  Schlink, Der Vorleser (109-139)
F  9/15   Film: Joseph Vilsmaier, Comedian Harmonists (1998)

M 9/18 Schlink, Der Vorleser (140-173)
W 9/20  Schlink, Der Vorleser (174-207)
F 9/22  Schlink, Der VorleserFinal Discussion

M 9/25 Film: Didi Danquart, Viehjud Levi (1999)
W 9/27 Treichel, Der Verlorene (7-32)
F 9/29  Treichel, Der Verlorene (32-73)

M 10/2 Treichel, Der Verlorene (73-108)
W 10/4 Treichel, Der Verlorene (108-138)
F 10/6  No Classes

M 10/9 Treichel, Der Verlorene (138-175)
W 10/11 Delius, Der Spaziergang (7-39)
F 10/13 Film: Konrad Wolf, Solo Sunny (1980)

M 10 /16 Delius, Der Spaziergang (40-83) 
W 10/18 Delius, Der Spaziergang (83-110)
F 10/20 Fall Break

M 10/23 Delius, Der Spaziergang (111-155)
W10/25 Delius, Der Spaziergang—Final Disucssion
F 10/27 Doris Dörrie, Bin ich schön? (1998)

M 10/30 Dörrie, Der Mann meiner Träume (5-36)
W 11/1 Dörrie, Der Mann meiner Träume (36-71)
F 11/3  Dörrie, Der Mann meiner Träume (71-102)

M 11/6 Jenny, Das Blütenstaubzimmer (5-30)
W 11/8 Jenny, Das Blütenstaubzimmer (30-59)
F 11/10 Jenny, Das Blütenstaubzimmer(59-80)

M 11/13 Jenny, Das Blütenstaubzimmer (80-122)
W 11/15 Jenny, Das Blütenstaubzimmer—Final Discussion
F 11/17 Film: Fatih Akin, Kurz und schmerzlos (1999)

M 11/20 Film: Fatih Akin, Kurz und schmerzlos (1999)
W 11/22 Thanksgiving Break
F 11/24 Thanksgiving Break

M 11/27 Kracht, Faserland (9-43)
W 11/29 Kracht, Faserland (44-77)
F 12/1  Tom Tykwer, Winterschläfer (1998)

M 12/4 Kracht, Faserland (78-114)
W 12/6 Kracht, Faserland (115-154)
F 12/8  Final Discussion