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‘Yifat Crouvi’

Hebrew Table is back!

Oct. 25, 2017—Hebrew Table is back! Join us for three themed events through the end of the Fall semester. Spring events will be announced next semester.

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Elementary Hebrew (HEBR 1101)

Dec. 29, 2014—This course will provide introduction to alphabet, the basics of grammar, and elementary conversation in the Hebrew language. As the vocabulary will expand, grammatical structures will be incorporated through the exposure to different kinds of texts. Aspects of Israeli culture...

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Intermediate Hebrew (HEBR 2201)

Dec. 27, 2014—This course will concentrate on developing a significant level of linguistic and communicative competence in Hebrew. Active and passive lexicon will be expanded and advanced grammatical structures will be introduced through exposure to different kinds of texts. Aspects of Israeli...

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Advanced Hebrew Composition (HEBR 2302W)

Dec. 24, 2014—Catalog Description: Development of writing skills through the study of short stories, poems, articles, television, and web materials. Prerequisite: HEBR 2301 (waived for Fall 17) Next Offered: AXLE Category: Writing Course: Also Eligible for Credit in: Taught by: Fall 2017...

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