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In a Pluralistic Age: Jews, Christians and Muslims in Spain (JS1111.01)

Feb. 1, 2015—Catalog Description: Independent learning and inquiry in an environment in which students can express knowledge and defend opinions through intensive class discussion, oral presentations, and written expression. From the Syllabus: Between 711 and 1492 Jews Christians and Muslims created one...

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Jews in the Medieval World (JS1220)

Jan. 25, 2015—Catalog Description: Jewish experience from the 2nd century CE to 1492. Legal status of Jews; economic and religious developments. Burning the Talmud, age of charters, reaction to the Crusades, Jewish expulsion from Spain. From the Syllabus: This course will examine...

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Issues in Rabbinic Literature (JS2150)

Jan. 21, 2015—Catalog Description:History of Rabbinic thought from its origins to the Middle Ages through the reading of central Rabbinic texts. Capital punishment, women in Rabbinic culture, sectarianism, and the power structures of Roman Palestine and Sasanian Babylonia. Next Offered: AXLE Category:...

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Muslims and Jews (JS2600)

Jan. 8, 2015—Catalog Description: Muslim-Jewish relations from the beginning of Islam to the present. Mohammed and the Jews, Jewish roles in Islamic cultures, status of Muslims in contemporary Israel, recent Jewish exodus from Muslim lands From the Syllabus: In this course we...

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Reading Across Boundaries: Jewish and Non-Jewish Texts (JS3210)

Jan. 6, 2015—Catalog Description: Jewish and non-Jewish literary and historical texts studied in parallel so as to discover the differences between them. The course will consider texts from the ancient world to the early modern period and ask what constitutes Jewish writing...

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Maimonides and His Heritage

Aug. 10, 2008—Edited by Idit Dobbs-Weinstein, Lenn E. Goodman, and James Allen Grady. (SUNY Press, 2008). This volume celebrates the depth and breadth of Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides’ (1138–1204) achievements. The essays gathered here explore the rich diversity of a heritage that extends over eight hundred years.

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