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Jews in the Medieval World (JS1220)

Jan. 25, 2015—Catalog Description: Jewish experience from the 2nd century CE to 1492. Legal status of Jews; economic and religious developments. Burning the Talmud, age of charters, reaction to the Crusades, Jewish expulsion from Spain. From the Syllabus: This course will examine...

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The Jewish Diaspora (JS2450)

Jan. 9, 2015—Catalog Description: Changing Jewish communities, especially outside the United States and Israel, in macro-historical context. Post-communist European Jewish identity. New global diasporas and their relationship to the largest Jewish communities in Israel and the United States From the Syllabus: Of...

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Diasporic Modernisms: Hebrew and Yiddish Literature in the Twentieth Century

Nov. 8, 2011—By Allison Schachter. (Oxford University Press, 2011). Spanning from 1894 to 1974, Diasporic Modernisms traces the development of a diasporic aesthetic in the shifting centers of Hebrew and Yiddish literature, including Odessa, Jerusalem, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and New York. Through an analysis of Jewish writing, Schachter theorizes how modernist literary networks operate outside national borders in minor and non-national languages.

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Tours That Bind: Diaspora, Pilgrimage and Israeli Birthright Tourism

Apr. 26, 2010—By Shaul Kelner. (New York University Press, 2010). Since 1999 hundreds of thousands of young American Jews have visited Israel on an all-expense-paid 10-day pilgrimage-tour known as Birthright Israel. This ethnographic analysis provides an on-the-ground look at this hotly debated and widely emulated use of tourism to forge transnational ties.

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