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Robert Barsky Receives Rockefeller Bellagio Writing Residency

Mar. 5, 2018—Robert Barsky has received the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center writing residency, which takes place in Bellagio, Italy, from March-April. According the foundation: For nearly 60 years, the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center has enabled the world’s brightest minds and most ambitious...

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Robert Barsky edits volume of AmeriQuests: “Border Crossing in Law and Literature”

Nov. 21, 2017—  Jewish Studies professor Robert Barksy, along with David Maraniss, edited the latest volume of AmeriQuests, entitled “Border-Crossing in Law and Literature.” This issue features a series of timely position papers regarding current issues in border-crossing, as well as a...

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Listen and Learn: Robert Barksy on WBUR Podcast, “The Chomsky Effect”

Nov. 15, 2017—  Jewish Studies Professor Robert Barksy was interviewed by Christopher Lydon for his podcast “Radio Open Source” in a segment entitled “The Chomsky Effect.” Listen here.

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Robert Barksy contributes chapter on Zellig Harris to Oxford Bibliographies

Jan. 11, 2017—Jewish Studies professor Robert Barsky has contributed a chapter on Zellig Harris to Oxford Bibliographies. Read it here.

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Radical Jews from Karl Marx to Noam Chomsky (JS1111.03)

Feb. 1, 2015—From the Syllabus: In this course we will be study leading “radical” Jewish intellectuals and writers of the 19th and, moreover, 20th century by examining the basic ideas they promoted, and by assessing the approach they take to social issues...

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From Einstein to Chomsky: Revolutionary Sciences in Jewish America (JS1111.07)

Feb. 1, 2015—From the Syllabus: This course will survey work of Jewish writers, scientists and philosophers who were interested in “new scientific techniques” aimed at uncovering the structural, mathematical, psychic, poetic or biological basis of language. The impetus for this interest came...

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