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Freud and Jewish Identity (JS2320)

Jan. 12, 2015—Catalog Description: Analysis of rhetoric and themes in selected writings of Sigmund Freud and his times, development of assimilation and of anti-Semitic repudiation. From the Syllabus: This course examines selected writings of Sigmund Freud within the context of contemporary Viennese...

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American Jewish Life (JS 2400)

Jan. 9, 2015—Catalog Description: Diversity, individualism, and change in Jewish life. Food and culture, memory and identity, gender and assimilation, Reform-Conservative-Orthodox culture wars From the Syllabus: This class explores key trends, innovations, dilemmas and flashpoints in contemporary American Jewish life. We ask...

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Social Movements in Modern Jewish Life (JS2560)

Jan. 8, 2015—Catalog Description: How social movements shape contemporary American Jewish culture and politics. Explores movements internal to Judaism and those bringing religion into the public sphere. From the Syllabus: Social movements change worlds. They mobilize and empower people to shape policy...

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