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Civil Rights and Wrongs: Black-Jewish Relations in the 1950s and 1960s (JS1111.04)

From the Syllabus: Blacks and Jews have shared a long and varied history together, particularly in the American context, as there have been strong forces pulling the two groups simultaneously together and apart.  Through an examination of historical and literary … Read more

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Jewish Humor (JS2280W)

Catalog Description: The flowering of Jewish humor, especially in the U.S. during the twentieth century. Vaudeville, radio comedy, and the Golden Age of television. The careers and works of influential comics, writers and filmmakers, and the development of stand-up comedy. The … Read more

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American Jewish Life (JS 2400)

Catalog Description: Diversity, individualism, and change in Jewish life. Food and culture, memory and identity, gender and assimilation, Reform-Conservative-Orthodox culture wars From the Syllabus: This class explores key trends, innovations, dilemmas and flashpoints in contemporary American Jewish life. We ask … Read more

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The Jewish Diaspora (JS2450)

Catalog Description: Changing Jewish communities, especially outside the United States and Israel, in macro-historical context. Post-communist European Jewish identity. New global diasporas and their relationship to the largest Jewish communities in Israel and the United States From the Syllabus: Of … Read more

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Social Movements in Modern Jewish Life (JS2560)

Catalog Description: How social movements shape contemporary American Jewish culture and politics. Explores movements internal to Judaism and those bringing religion into the public sphere. From the Syllabus: Social movements change worlds. They mobilize and empower people to shape policy … Read more

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Grad Student Anne Grant's T-Shirt Talk Featured in Jewish Daily Forward

Graduate student Anne Grant’s project, “T-Shirt Talk: The Art of Reimagining Cultural Jewish Identity” is featured on the Forward’s blog, The Schmooze. The exhibition-cum-research-project is built around a collection of almost 100 Jewish-themed t-shirts. Grant explains the project in the Forward: … Read more

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Graduate Student Anne Grant weighs in on Pew debate in Haaretz Op-Ed

The October 2013 release of the Pew Research Center’s Portrait of American Jews, the first major survey of the American Jewish population in more than a decade, has generated intense debate about its implications for the American Jewish future. Anne … Read more

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Jewish American Literature (ENGL 3664)

Catalog Description: Nineteenth century to the present. Issues of race, gender, ethnicity, immigration, and diaspora. Offered on a graded basis only. From the syllabus: This course surveys the major questions and themes of twentieth-century Jewish American literature and situates this … Read more

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