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Emanuele Costa

Emanuele Costa

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Research Interests

I specialize in Early Modern Philosophy and Metaphysics, but I also find Philosophy of Religion, Political Philosophy, and Renaissance Philosophy to be terribly interesting. I am particularly interested in the philosopher Benedict/Baruch/Bento de Spinoza, his historical antecedents, and his bold metaphysical views.

Furthermore, I am fascinated by wild metaphysical questions, such as:

– What is the nature of eternity?

– What does it mean to individuate a singular being?

– What is the metaphysical nature of relations?

I love investigating how the concepts and ideas developed in a different era shape the ways we understand our current world.

I am currently completing a manuscript on Baruch Spinoza’s concept of individuality and relationality, and I have an active research project on Anne Conway’s philosophy of transcendence.

You can learn more about my research on the following platforms:

Academia profile:

PhilPeople profile:

Representative publications

“Spinoza and Scholastic Philosophy”, in Y. Melamed (ed.), Blackwell Companion to Spinoza (2021).

“Discrimination, Othering, and the Political Instrumentalizing of Pandemic Disease”, with M. Baradel (2020).

“Whole-Parts Relations in Early Modern Philosophy”, in Encyclopedia of Early Modern Philosophy and the Sciences (2021).

“Leibniz on Relations: From (Soft) Reductionism to the Expression of the Universe” (2016).

“A Systemic Spinoza: a Gateway to a Systemic Interpretation of Spinoza’s Thought” (2014).

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