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Jewish Studies

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Affiliated Faculty

Annalisa Azzoni, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East Studies

Gregory F. Barz, Associate Professor of Musicology (Ethnomusicology); Associate Professor of Religion

Joy H. Calico, Associate Professor of Musicology; Director, Max Kade Center for European and German Studies

Beth Ann Conklin, Associate Professor of Anthropology; Director, Department of Anthropology

Dan Cornfield, Professor of Sociology; Professor of Political Science

Robert Drews, Professor of Classics Emeritus

William Franke, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Italian, and Religious Studies

Ellen Goldring, Professor of Education Policy and Leadership, Peabody College; Patricia and Rodes Hart Chair; Chair, Department of Leadership, Policy & Organizations

Emily Greble, Associate Professor of History and German, Russian and East European Studies

Peter Guralnick, Writer-in-Residence, English Department

Barbara Hahn, Distinguished Professor of German

Cathy L. Jrade, Professor of Spanish; Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Konstantin V. Kustanovich, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Lorraine M. Lopez, Associate Professor of English

Leah S. Marcus, Edwin Mims Professor of English

Richard McGregor, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Beverly Moran, Professor of Law; Professor of Sociology

Richard N. Pitt, Jr., Associate Professor of Sociology

David Price, Professor of Religious Studies

Matthew Ramsey, Associate Professor of History; Associate Professor of Medicine, Health and Society

Michael Alec Rose, Associate Professor of Composition

Edward Rubin, University Professor of Law and Political Science

Jeffrey A. Schoenblum, Centennial Professor of Law

Mark Schoenfield, Professor of English; Chair, Department of English

Thomas Alan Schwartz, Professor of History, Political Science, and European Studies

Helmut Walser Smith, Martha Rivers Ingram Chair of History

Jeffrey Tlumak, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Meike G. Werner, Associate Professor of German and European Studies; Chair, German Department