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Maymester 2020: Caesarea with Professors Phillip Lieberman and Joseph Rife

Posted by on Thursday, January 16, 2020 in Events.

From Professor Lieberman:

This year, we’re returning for a third season to Caesarea and beginning by re-opening the 13 trenches that we expanded last year. We discovered a horde of gold coins and a rather remarkable early Islamic cistern in past years–we’ll be building out from our discoveries and likely opening new trenches. One of our trenches is continuing to articulate the ancient Herodian wall; and another of them revealed material from the 19th-20th century Bosnians living in Caesarea. So, in short, we will be working across the historical spectrum continuing to learn about this incredible site in the Mediterranean.

The 2020 deadline to register for Maymester is January 31, which you can do at:

For more information on the dig in past years, visit:

Vanderbilt archaeologists discover important medieval and Roman artifacts in ancient port city of Caesarea

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