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Coming of Age in Jewish Literature and Film (JS 2260)

Catalog Description: The transition of young Jewish protagonists into adulthood as portrayed in literary works and films from Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Syllabus Description: This course examines coming-of-age novels, stories, memoirs, and films from multiple Jewish cultural perspectives. What does it mean to grow up in the Russian empire in the late nineteenth century?  In French colonial Tunisia in the 1930s? In 1950s American suburbia? What are the different challenges that young men and women face as they embrace or reject the Jewish lives their parents lived? How did they relate to their burgeoning sexuality? We will address a range of topics in the course including minority identity, the Holocaust, and Zionism, sexuality and gender, and inter-ethnic and inter-faith relationships.

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Spring 2017 INT No Religious Studies Schachter
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