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Affiliated Faculty

Annalisa Azzoni

  • Senior Lecturer in Divinity

Joy H. Calico

  • Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Musicology

Beth Conklin

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

Daniel Cornfield

  • Professor of Sociology

Robert Drews

  • Professor of Classical Studies Emeritus

William Franke

  • Professor of Comparative Literature

Ellen Goldring

  • Executive Associate Dean
  • Patricia and Rodes Hart Chair
  • Professor of Education and Leadership in the Department of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations

Emily Greble

  • Associate Professor of History
  • Associate Professor of German, Russian, and East European Studies
  • Associate Professor of European Studies

Barbara Hahn

  • Professor Emerita of German Studies

Cathy L. Jrade

  • Chancellor’s Professor of Spanish

Konstantin V. Kustanovich

  • Professor Emeritus of Russian

Lorraine M. Lopez

  • Gertrude Conaway Professor of English
  • Distinguished Research Professor Emerita

Leah S. Marcus

  • Edwin Mims Professor Emerita of English

Richard McGregor

  • Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Beverly Moran

  • Professor Emerita of Law

David Price

  • Professor of Jewish Studies
  • Professor of Religious Studies
  • Professor of History

Matthew Ramsey

  • Professor Emeritus of History
  • Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Health, and Society

Michael Alec Rose

  • Professor of Composition

Edward Rubin

  • University Professor of Law and Political Science

Jeffrey A. Schoenblum

  • Centennial Professor of Law

Mark Schoenfield

  • Professor of English

Thomas Alan Schwartz

  • Distinguished Professor of History

Helmut Smith

  • Martha Rivers Ingram Chair of History

Jeffrey Tlumak

  • Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Meike Werner

  • Chair of French & Italian
  • Associate Professor of German, Russian, and East European Studies