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HART Transfer Credit Process

For students who are seeking transfer credit for non-Vanderbilt History of Art courses:

  1. If you wish to take the course through a Vanderbilt pre-approved study-abroad program, the Global Education Office (GEO) will handle the processing of the course credit transfer, as these credits may transfer directly to Vanderbilt if pre-approved by the respective departments on campus. These are considered “direct credit” programs and are listed on the GEO website: From the GEO home page select “Programs,” and then “List by city” or “List by country,” and you should see a list of pre-approved programs.

    Note that for many of these programs, there is a “Vanderbilt Course Evaluation List” provided that shows at a glance courses that have been taken by previous Vanderbilt students, and how they transferred (or not) to Vanderbilt. For new courses not on this list, the GEO office will obtain a new evaluation from the appropriate academic department at Vanderbilt.
  2. If you wish to take the course through a study-abroad program that is not pre-approved for direct credit transfer to Vanderbilt, please follow the guidelines provided on the GEO website: From the GEO home page, select “Prospective Students,” and then “Non-VU programs.” Instructions are then provided for students in all schools: Arts & Sciences, Peabody, Engineering, and Blair. Please note that students will be required to meet with an Advising Dean (for Arts and Sciences), petition for a Leave of Absence for the semester to participate in a non-Vanderbilt program, and will need to provide course information to each individual academic department for the courses that he or she wishes to take abroad for pre-approval. While some departments may evaluate courses based on course descriptions alone, the History of Art department requires complete syllabi to determine whether or not a course will receive Vanderbilt credit.
  3. If you wish to take the course at another university here in the U.S., such as in a summer program, please refer to the information provided by the Arts & Science Registrar:  Coursework taken during the summer at a four-year accredited institution often can be transferred for credit at Vanderbilt. You may transfer up to two classes of summer work elsewhere during your four years at Vanderbilt. In order to receive transfer credit for summer work elsewhere, you first must meet with one of the Advising Deans (for Arts and Sciences). Once the dean has approved the work, you will take a course evaluation/petition form to the appropriate academic department, and the department will then determine whether or not the courses will transfer to Vanderbilt. Return this form to 311 Kirkland Hall for the approval of the Director of Records and Institutional Research. Please note that as above, a complete syllabus is required by the History of Art department in order to evaluate courses for credit transfer to Vanderbilt.

    **Peabody Students will need to work through the appropriate offices; a similar procedure is followed.