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HART Transfer Credit Process

For students seeking transfer credit for non-Vanderbilt History of Art courses:

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS seek transfer-credit evaluation for non-VU courses BEFORE you take them. It is very unwise and really risky to take a course for which you do not have pre-approval, as there is no guarantee that a course will transfer to Vanderbilt. 

    1. If you wish to take the course through a Vanderbilt pre-approved study-abroad program, approval for these courses is now handled through the University Registrar’s Office. From the Schedule of Classes page:!input.action click on the “Study-Abroad” link, and then follow the instructions provided. Courses that have already been approved are searchable by program. If a course in which you are interested does not appear in the pre-approved list, you can request an evaluation for that course through the “submitting a request” prompt on this same page. Note that you will need to supply an up-to-date, complete syllabus for the course evaluation.
      ¨The University Registrar’s Office provides much helpful information on this page   
    1. If you wish to take the course at another university here in the U.S. , such as in a summer program, please read very closely the guidelines detailed by the College of Arts and Science at this link and note that the deadline for submission of all materials is mid-April 
      Students enrolled in the College of Arts and Science may receive transfer credit for a maximum of two courses taken during summers at another four-year, fully accredited institution. To qualify for such credit, the student must be in good  standing and must obtain authorization from the Dean and the appropriate department **in advance of taking the course . Such courses cannot fulfill AXLE requirements, count as part of the last 30 hours of residence, serve  as repeat credit, or be taken on a pass-fail basis. Please note that as above, an up-to-date, complete syllabus is  required by the History of Art department in order to evaluate courses for possible credit transfer to Vanderbilt.