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Support for our annual art history speakers comes from the estate of Dr. and Mrs. Norman Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg had a lifelong interest in British landscape painting and was author of John Crome the Elder. A number of prominent art historians have participated in the Goldberg Lectures since their inception in 2001.

Upcoming Goldberg Lectures this semester:

Joseph Koerner
"Max Beckmann: Art in a State of Siege"
Thursday, March 12, 4:10pm Cohen Hall, room 203
Reception to follow lecture in Cohen Hall Atrium
Max Beckmann's Self-Portrait in Tuxedo is one of the artist's most powerful and programmatic works. Reflecting on more than two decades of teaching this iconic work in its current home, Harvard University Professor Joseph Leo Koerner explores its origins and vicissitudes through successive legal "states of emergency" in Germany and beyond. 

Past Speaker include the following:

Jordana Moore Saggese , "On the Ropes: Boxing and Black Sexuality in American Art"
Michael Yonan , "Stories in Porcelain: Matter, Narrative, and the Figural Ideal" 
Renée Ater , "Death, Remembrance, and the Slave Past"
Kathryn M. Rudy , "Rubbing, touching, and kissing medieval manuscripts in the late middle ages"
Bernard Frischer "Adventures in Digital Heritage"

Lisa Reilly , "The Multilingual Mediterranean: The Cappella Palatina in Palermo and the Court of Roger II"
Bettina Bergmann, "Across the Universe: the Bird’s Eye View in Roman Art"
David M. Lubin , "Behind the Mask: WWI, Plastic Surgery, and the Modern Beauty Revolution"

Jeffrey Collins , "Ship Shape: Incense Boats across the Early Modern Globe"
Stanley Abe , "Duplication in Chinese Sculpture"

John Ott , "Hale Woodruff's Antiprimitivist History of Global Art"
D. Fairchild Ruggles , "Beyond Vision: Embodied Senses in Islamic Gardens"
Margaret M. Miles, " Transferred Temples and Augustan Renewal in Athens"

Brian Daniels, "Protecting Cultural Heritage in Syria and Iraq:  Lessons Learned in the Present Crisis"
William E. Wallace, "Drawing a Life of Michelangelo"

S. Hollis Clayson, "Confinement and Absorption: Pierre-Auguste Renoir's and Edvard Munch's Paris Threshold Pictures"
Robert G. Ousterhout, "The Life and Afterlife of Constantine's Column"
Patricia Leighten,   "The Secret Life of Henri Cartier-Bresson"
Michael Leja,   "Cubism in Bondage: Morgan Russells' Synchronism"

Amy McNair, “Heroic Abandon: The 1300-Year Life of Yan Zhenqing’s Imperial Commissioner Liu Letter"
Andrew Graciano, "Joseph Wright’s Academy by Lamplight (1769) in Context"
Huey Copeland , "Relative Fictions, or, Incidents in the Life of Modernism"
Peter Parshall , "The Concept of Aesthetic Disinterest: G.B. Piranesi and the Lisbon Earthquake of 1755"

Julia K. Murray , "The Cult of Confucius and the Shrine of His Robe and Cap"
Robert Storr , "The Work of Carrie Mae Weems"
Giles Knox , "Paragone and the Hand of the Artist: Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer"
Dorothy Johnson , "Elective Affinities: Romantic Art and the Natural Sciences from Girodet to David d'Angers”

Padma Kaimal , "Many Paths to the Divine: The Dynamics of Vision in a Hindu Temple"
Eugene Wang, "What Did It Mean to Be Moon-Struck in Early 20th Century China? Changes in Visual Media in
a Radical Age"

Helen C. Evans, "Byzantium, an American Perspective (1874-Today)"
Barbara Barletta, "The Temple of Athena at Sounion: An Ionic Temple in Attica"
Michael Hatt , "Cowboy Republicanism: Frederic Remington, Sculpture, and Political Culture"

Anne Dunlop , "Gold, Earth, and Stones: Pigments and the Imagined World in Early Italian Painting"
Mary D. Sheriff, "The Dislocations of Jean-Etienne Liotard, Called the Turkish Painter"

Wendy Wassyng Roworth, "Collecting for Profit and Pleasure: Angelica Kauffman as an Artist-Collector in
Eighteenth-Century Rome"
Maurie McInnis, "Remembering and Remaking: Virginia's Washington Monument"

Larry Silver , "Rembrandt’s Faith"
Marsha Haufler, "Sino-Tibetan Tangkas for the Ming Court"

Richard T. Neer , "Wonder, Radiance & the Classical Style in Greek Sculpture"
Robert Bagley , "An Underground Palace in Ancient China: The Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng"

Jonathan M. Reynolds, "From Pilgrimage Site to Architectural Monument: Photography and a Modernist
Reinterpretation of Ise Shrine"
Sarah Burns, "Virgins in the Wilderness: Winslow Homer’s Ambiguously New Women"

Annemarie Weyl-Carr, "Crusader Cyprus: Forms of Convergence in a Complex Land"
John Beldon Scott , "The Shroud of Turin as Visual Culture"

Barbara Stafford , "Artificial Intensity: Images, Instruments, and the Technology of Amplification"
Christopher Johns, "Women Artists and Ancien Régime Academies: The Curious Case of Rosalba Carriera"

Timothy Barringer , "Languages of Labour in Victorian Art and Criticism"
Susan Huntington , "The Early Buddhist Art of India and the Emperor’s New Clothes"

John Clarke , "Visual Representations: Sexual Cultures and Viewers in Ancient Rome"
Alan Wallach , "Thomas Cole and the Railroad"