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Support for our annual art history speakers comes from the estate of Dr. and Mrs. Norman Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg had a lifelong interest in British landscape painting and was author of John Crome the Elder. A number of prominent art historians have participated in the Goldberg Lectures since their inception in 2001.

Spring 2024 Lectures:
February 29, 2024: Peggy Wang , Bowdoin College, "Pop and the People: Re-thinking Wang Guangyi's Great Criticism series"; 4:10p.m., 203 Coehn Memorial Hall


March 28, 2024: Gail Fenske , Roger Williams University, "New Perceptual Experiences: Architects, Artists, and the Skyscrapers of New York"; 4:10p.m., 203 Cohen Memorial Hall

Fenske Poster

Fall 2023 Lecture:
September 14, 2023: A.Victor Coonin Professor of Art History, Rhodes College, "Michelangelo's David: Censorship and Responses From the Renaissance to Today "; 4:10p.m., 203 Cohen Memorial Hall

Coonin Poster

Past Speakers include the following:

Julie Nelson Davis , "The Ghost in the Brush: Katsushika Ōi and the Hokusai Legacy"
Ömür Harmanşah , "The Archaeology of Landscapes and Architectural Heritage in a Changing Climate: Fieldwork in/for the Anthropocene"
Robert Bork , "Designing Chartes Cathedral: A Geometrical Perspective"
Matthew P. Canepa , "Sculpting in Time: Creating the Iranian Past and Future through the Natural and Built Environment"
Tamara I. Sears , "Liberating Reverberations: Cosmology, Ecology, and Landscape in Early Medieval India"
Jordana Moore Saggese , "On the Ropes: Boxing and Black Sexuality in American Art"
Michael Yonan , "Stories in Porcelain: Matter, Narrative, and the Figural Ideal" 
Renée Ater , "Death, Remembrance, and the Slave Past"
Kathryn M. Rudy , "Rubbing, touching, and kissing medieval manuscripts in the late middle ages"
Bernard Frischer , "Adventures in Digital Heritage"

Lisa Reilly , "The Multilingual Mediterranean: The Cappella Palatina in Palermo and the Court of Roger II"
Bettina Bergmann , "Across the Universe: the Bird’s Eye View in Roman Art"
David M. Lubin , "Behind the Mask: WWI, Plastic Surgery, and the Modern Beauty Revolution"

Jeffrey Collins , "Ship Shape: Incense Boats across the Early Modern Globe"
Stanley Abe , "Duplication in Chinese Sculpture"

John Ott , "Hale Woodruff's Antiprimitivist History of Global Art"
D. Fairchild Ruggles , "Beyond Vision: Embodied Senses in Islamic Gardens"
Margaret M. Miles , " Transferred Temples and Augustan Renewal in Athens"

Brian Daniels , "Protecting Cultural Heritage in Syria and Iraq:  Lessons Learned in the Present Crisis"
William E. Wallace , "Drawing a Life of Michelangelo"

S. Hollis Clayson , "Confinement and Absorption: Pierre-Auguste Renoir's and Edvard Munch's Paris Threshold Pictures"
Robert G. Ousterhout , "The Life and Afterlife of Constantine's Column"
Patricia Leighten , "The Secret Life of Henri Cartier-Bresson"
Michael Leja , "Cubism in Bondage: Morgan Russells' Synchronism"

Amy McNair, “Heroic Abandon: The 1300-Year Life of Yan Zhenqing’s Imperial Commissioner Liu Letter"
Andrew Graciano , "Joseph Wright’s Academy by Lamplight (1769) in Context"
Huey Copeland , "Relative Fictions, or, Incidents in the Life of Modernism"
Peter Parshall , "The Concept of Aesthetic Disinterest: G.B. Piranesi and the Lisbon Earthquake of 1755"

Julia K. Murray , "The Cult of Confucius and the Shrine of His Robe and Cap"
Robert Storr , "The Work of Carrie Mae Weems"
Giles Knox , "Paragone and the Hand of the Artist: Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer"
Dorothy Johnson , "Elective Affinities: Romantic Art and the Natural Sciences from Girodet to David d'Angers”

Padma Kaimal , "Many Paths to the Divine: The Dynamics of Vision in a Hindu Temple"
Eugene Wang , "What Did It Mean to Be Moon-Struck in Early 20th Century China? Changes in Visual Media in
a Radical Age"

Helen C. Evans, "Byzantium, an American Perspective (1874-Today)"
Barbara Barletta, "The Temple of Athena at Sounion: An Ionic Temple in Attica"
Michael Hatt , "Cowboy Republicanism: Frederic Remington, Sculpture, and Political Culture"

Anne Dunlop , "Gold, Earth, and Stones: Pigments and the Imagined World in Early Italian Painting"
Mary D. Sheriff, "The Dislocations of Jean-Etienne Liotard, Called the Turkish Painter"

Wendy Wassyng Roworth, "Collecting for Profit and Pleasure: Angelica Kauffman as an Artist-Collector in
Eighteenth-Century Rome"
Maurie McInnis, "Remembering and Remaking: Virginia's Washington Monument"

Larry Silver , "Rembrandt’s Faith"
Marsha Haufler, "Sino-Tibetan Tangkas for the Ming Court"

Richard T. Neer , "Wonder, Radiance & the Classical Style in Greek Sculpture"
Robert Bagley , "An Underground Palace in Ancient China: The Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng"

Jonathan M. Reynolds, "From Pilgrimage Site to Architectural Monument: Photography and a Modernist
Reinterpretation of Ise Shrine"
Sarah Burns, "Virgins in the Wilderness: Winslow Homer’s Ambiguously New Women"

Annemarie Weyl-Carr, "Crusader Cyprus: Forms of Convergence in a Complex Land"
John Beldon Scott , "The Shroud of Turin as Visual Culture"

Barbara Stafford , "Artificial Intensity: Images, Instruments, and the Technology of Amplification"
Christopher Johns, "Women Artists and Ancien Régime Academies: The Curious Case of Rosalba Carriera"

Timothy Barringer , "Languages of Labour in Victorian Art and Criticism"
Susan Huntington , "The Early Buddhist Art of India and the Emperor’s New Clothes"

John Clarke , "Visual Representations: Sexual Cultures and Viewers in Ancient Rome"
Alan Wallach , "Thomas Cole and the Railroad"