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Vanderbilt History Seminar 2019-2020

VHS 2019-2020 Poster
All talks will be held in the Divinity School Reading Room (124) at 3:10 pm

Vanderbilt History Seminar 2019-20 Participants

Carina Johnson, Pitzer College
"Europa Virgo, Christian India, and the Early Modern Family Romance"
September 16

Ari Kelman, UC-Davis
“From Manassas to Mankato: How the Civil War Bled into the Indian Wars"
October 28 

Daniel Beer, Royal Holloway College, University of London
“Civil Death, Radical Protest and the Theatre of Punishment in the Reign of Alexander II”
December 2 

Elizabeth Thornberry, Johns Hopkins University
“Imagining African Law: Black Intellectuals and the Politics of Custom in Segregationist South Africa” 
January 27 

Rohit De, Yale
"Mobile Indian Lawyers and Local Histories of Minority Rights"
February 17

Patrick Geary, IAS/Princeton
“The New Genetic History and the End of the Roman Empire”
March 30