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Vanderbilt History Seminar 2018-2019

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All talks will be held in the Divinity School Reading Room (124) at 3:10 pm

Vanderbilt History Seminar 2018-19 Participants

Nicholas Guyatt, Cambridge University
"Dartmoor Prison and the Pre-history of Carceral Segregation, 1813-1815"

September 3

Ari Joskowicz, Vanderbilt University

"Surveillance, Witnessing, and the Craft of History: Romani Holocaust Testimony and the Perils of Digital Scholarship"
October 8

Russell Rickford, Cornell University
Beth Bailey, University of Kansas
Panel discussion on Freedom in the United States since the 1960s

November 5

Anne Eller, Yale University
"It's Going to Rain Blood: Spiritual Power, Gendered Violence, and Anti-Colonial Lives in the Ninetenth Century Dominican Borderlands"
December 3

Indrani Chatterjee, University of Texas Austin
"Abolition as Primitive Accumulation"
January 14

Alison Frank Johnson, Harvard University
"The Emperor, The Minister, and the Executioner: Capital Punishment in the (Late) Habsburg Monarchy”
February 18

Monica Kim, New York University
"A More Perfect Hunger: The Korean Peasant and US Military Intelligence, from Rice to Uranium"
March 25