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Vanderbilt History Seminar 2016-2017


Vanderbilt History Seminar 2016–2017 participants:

William Reddy, Duke University
Barbara Rosenwein, Loyola University of Chicago
Daniel Smail, Harvard University
Senses and Emotions Roundtable
September 19

Alistair Sponsel, Vanderbilt University
Hearing, Fearing, and Exploiting the Unfamiliar Sounds of the 1940s
October 10
Kristina Kleutghen, Washington University
The Terms of Vision in Late Imperial China
October 31
Emily Thompson, Princeton University
The Boys Upstairs: Sound Projection in the American Film Industry, 1926-1933
November 14
Jacob Baum, Texas Tech University
The God of Paste: Ritual Conflict and the Sense of Touch in the Second German Reformation, ca. 1577-1617
December 5
Beth Conklin, Vanderbilt University
Rethinking Cannibalism: The Interplay of Sensation and Emotion in an Amazonian Ritual
January 23
Margrit Pernau, Max Planck Institute, Berlin
Emotions and Colonial Modernity: Indian Muslims 1857-1914
February 13
Carol Lansing, University of California Santa Barbara
Male Humiliation and the Exercise of Power in Medieval Italy
February 27
Thomas Dodman, Boston College
When Emile Went To War: Becoming A Citizen-Soldier
March 20
Mark Smith, University of South Carolina
In Praise of Discord: Injecting Noise into Sound History
April 10