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Summer 2019 Courses

updated December 10, 2018

Vanderbilt University offers many summer course options.  Please see the web site here:

Online registration for all Summer Sessions begins on March 25, 2019 and ends depending on the session you want to enroll in.  See the calendar here.

Maymester abroad summer courses offered by Vanderbilt University.   See the complete list here

Dear History Majors,

Below are the descriptions of the history courses being offered by the Department of History for summer 2019.  ***NOTE: Summer courses need a minimum enrollment to run. Vanderbilt University may cancel courses on the first day of class for courses that don't have enough enrollment.


MAYMESTER 2019 (May 6 – May 31) Registration March 25 - May 7

HIST 1350.01 Western Civilization to 1700. 
MTWRF 1:10-4:00 pm, Instructor Jessica Lowe

Description: [Formerly HIST 135] Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman foundations to the beginning of the eighteenth century. [3] (INT)

HIST 2740.01 Immigration, the United States, and the World. 
MTWRF 9:10 am – 12:00 pm, Instructor Kyle Romero

Description: Mid-nine-teenth century to the present. Relationship between U.S. immigration policy and politics; international relations. Impacts of war, diplomacy, and international pressure on U.S. immigration policy. [3] (US)

HIST 3890.01 Selected Topics in History: Caribbean Revolutions: Haiti and Cuba. 
MTWRF 9:10 am – 12:00 pm, Professor Frank Robinson.

Description: Background, events, and legacies of the Haitian and Cuban Revolutions from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Explores the internal and external dynamics of these revolutions, focusing on the numerous causes of such actions and the wide-ranging ramifications.

Details: The Caribbean has witnessed two of the world's most momentous revolutions. The Haitian Revolution stands alone as the only successful slave revolt in history. It resulted in a complete transformation of the social, political, intellectual, and economic life of the colony, and it represents the most thorough case study of revolutionary change anywhere. Meanwhile, no hemispheric event of the past half-century rivals the Cuban Revolution in terms of its impact on Latin American history and international relations. When Fidel Castro led his army into Havana in January 1959, he inaugurated a new age in regional and global affairs. Few revolutions have had such profound consequences. This course will examine the causes, consequences, and legacies of these Caribbean revolutions. [3] (NO AXLE)


FIRST SUMMER SESSION 2019 (5 weeks, June 4 – July 5)

No courses offered.

SECOND SUMMER SESSION 2019 (5 weeks, July 9 – August 9)

No courses offered.