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Summer 2017 Courses

updated June 1, 2017

Vanderbilt University offers many summer course options.  Please see the web site here:

Online registration for all Summer Sessions begins on March 27 and ends depending on the session you want to enroll in.  See the calendar here.

Maymester abroad summer courses offered by Vanderbilt University. Deadline has past, applications were due Jan. 31, 2017.  See the complete list here

Dear History Majors,

Below are the descriptions of the history courses being offered by the Department of History for summer  2017.  ***NOTE: Summer courses need a minimum enrollment to run. Vanderbilt University may cancel courses on the first day of class for courses that don't have enough enrollment.

MAYMESTER 2017 (May 8 – June 2)

The department of history is not offering any courses.

FIRST SUMMER SESSION 2017 (5 weeks, June 6 – July 6)

Sorry this course has been cancelled.

HIST 3890 01. Special Topics: Cuba and the United States: Ties of Singular Intimacy. MTWRF 8:10-10:00 am. Professor Frank Robinson. Special Topic, not offered during the regular academic year.
Description: Today, Cuba and the United States are taking historic steps to chart a new course in their relations. Throughout the twentieth century, and especially since Fidel Castro's takeover in 1959, the histories of Cuba and the United States have been deeply intertwined. Of all the peoples in Latin America none have been more familiar to the United States than Cubans--who in turn have come to know their northern neighbors equally well. In 1899, as the United States settled into its occupation of Cuba after the Spanish-Cuban-American War, President William McKinley offered his famous observation about the relationship between the two countries: "The new Cuba yet to arise from the ashes of the past must be bound to us by ties of singular intimacy." Clearly, Cuba occupies a unique place in the history of American imperialism, and this course seeks to examine the complex political, cultural, and economic ties between Cuba and the United States with an eye to assessing the likelihood of a more complete rapprochement between the two countries.[3] No AXLE credit.
Areas of concentration for history majors: U.S., Latin America.
Eligible for Latin American Studies majors.

SECOND SUMMER SESSION 2017 (5 weeks, July 11 – August 10)

The department of history is not offering any courses.