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Graduate Studies at Vanderbilt - Science, Technology, and Medicine

Updated September 2019

Vanderbilt is home to a robust and diverse community of historians engaged in the study of Science, Technology, and Medicine.  Students in STM are exposed to both the intensive historiographies of STM fields as well as a broad and deep training in the relevant historical locations and periods.  Vanderbilt STM students are encouraged to imagine themselves as both STM scholars and as historians.

Our faculty expertise ranges across time, place, and topic; from material culture in Africa, to medicine in China, to intellectual and cultural history in the West.  Faculty have written on topics as diverse as modern privacy, the young Darwin, Diabetes, Albert Einstein, Qi, clinical trials - even the future of technology.
Our community is centered on two workshops, one designed by graduate students for the STM scholars within the Department, and the other designed to engage the broader Vanderbilt community, recognizing the inherently interdisciplinary nature of STM studies.  

Current faculty

Michael Bess (History) 
Dennis Dickerson (History)
Sarah Igo (History) 
Jonathan Metzl (MHS) 
Ole Molvig (History, CSET) 
Tasha Rijke-Epstein (History) 
Ruth Rogaski (History, Asian Studies)
Peter Rousseau (History, Economics) 
Laura Stark (History, MHS) 
Arleen Tuchman (History)

Current Graduate Students

Patrick Anthony Modern Europe
Miguel Chavez Britain, Global
Trevor Engel 19th century Atlantic World
Jordan Heykoop Modern US
Hannah Hicks 19th-century US
Sarah Nelson Modern US
Jonathan Speed Modern Europe
Danielle Stubbe Modern US
Hillary Taylor Early Modern Europe
Brianne Wesolowski Modern Europe
Anna Young Early Modern Europe

Recent Graduates

Justin Hubbard (2019) ""'Can't Fool the P Test': American Science, the Department of Defense, and the Unlikely Invention of the War on Drugs, 1945-1980"

Juliet Larkin-Gilmore (2019) "Native Health on the Move: Public Health and Assimilation on the Lower Colorado River, 1890–1934."

Danielle Picard (2018) "Analyzing the Human Factor in British Industrial Psychology, 1919-1939." 

J’Nese Williams (2018) "Imperial Intervention: Botanic Gardens, Science, and Colonial Administration in the British Empire, Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries."  

Kelly O’Reilly (2017) “Of the Poor, By the Poor, or For the Poor: Community Health Centers and the War on Poverty.” 

Jenifer Dodd (2016) "'Compulsive Rapism': Psychiatric Approaches to Sexual Violence in the 1980s."

Michell Chresfield (2016) “Problem and Promise: Scientific Experts and the Mixed-Blood in the Modern U.S., 1870-1970.”  

Matthew Owen (2014) "For the Progress of Man: The TVA, Electric Power, and the Environment,1939-1969.”  

Pablo Gómez (2010) "Bodies of Encounter: Health, Illness and Death in the Early Modern African-Spanish Caribbean."

Kurt Johnson (2010) “The Re-enchanted Body in fin de siècle German Culture.”