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Recent PhD recipients

    Danielle Stubbe  - PhD August 2021

Dissertation title: "Patterns and Patrons of Culture: Midcentury
Cultural Anthropologica Subjects, Materials, and Knowledge in Motion, 1940-1980"



    Abraham Liddell  - PhD August 2021

Dissertation title: "The Upper Guinea Coast and the Formation of
An African Atlantic: 1450 - 1600"



    Sarah Nelson  - PhD August 2021

Dissertation title: "Information's Imerium: The Struggle to Decolonize
Global Telecommunications and Make Information 'Free', 1919-1984"



    Anna Young  - PhD August 2021

Dissertation title: "Generative Bodies: Masculinity and Male Embodiment in Early Modern Medicine, 1450 - 1800."



    Jessica Lowe  - PhD July 2021

Dissertation title: "The Price of Belonging: Anabaptists Negotiating Inclusion and Exclusion in the Northwestern Holy Roman Empire, 1535-1744."



    Jorge Delgadillo Nunez  - PhD July 2021

Dissertation title: "Becoming Citizens: Afro-Mexicans, Identity, and Historical Memory in Guadalajara, 17th to 19th Centuries."



     Patrick Anthony - PhD March 2021

Dissertation title: "Nature's Working Worlds: Science, Industry, and
Environment in the Time of Alexander von
Humboldt, ca. 1770 - ca. 1860."



Hillary Taylor

       Hillary Taylor - PhD January 2021

   Dissertation title: "Mining Metals, Mining Minds: An Exploration
   Georgius Agricola's Natural Philosophy in De re Metallica (1556)."


               Mario Rewers              

Mario Rewers - PhD September 2020

Dissertation title: "American Studies: Knowledge, Nation, and the Academy, 1937-2001"


Mary Bridges - PhD August 2020

Dissertation title: "Branching Out: Banking, Credit, and the Globalizing US Economy, 1900s–1930s"

Henry Chauncey Jr. '57 Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University


Lisa Lackney - PhD August 2020

Dissertation title: "Ero-Guro-Nansensu: Modernity and its Discontents in Taishō and Early Shōwa Japan"




Tiago Jorge Fernandes Albuquerque Maranhao - PhD August 2020

Dissertation title: "Molding the Body, Forging the Nation: Race, Physical Culture, and the Shaping of Brazil (1822-1930)"

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow for Humanities Education and Visiting Professor of History, Tougaloo College, Jackson, Mississippi



Kyle Romero - PhD June 2020

Dissertation title: "Moving People: Refugee Politics, Foreign Aid, and the Emergence of American Humanitarianism"

Postdoctoral Fellow in US Foreign Policy and International Security at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire



Carolyn Taratko - PhD September 2019

Dissertation title: ""Feeding Germany: Food, Land, and the Social Question in Modern Germany, 1871–1923."

Postdoctoral fellow, Max Kade postdoctoral fellow at the Free University, Berlin


Danyelle Valentine - PhD August 2019

Dissertation title: "An Alternative Diaspora: African American 'Out' Migration to Trinidad and the British West Indies, 1783-1865"

Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Vanderbilt University, 2019-2020

Henry Gorman - PhD August 2019

Dissertation title: "American Ottomans: Protestant Missionaries in the Service of an Islamic Empire"

Rotational Associate at D.E. Shaw and Co., New York City

Zoe LeBlanc - PhD August 2019

Dissertation title: "Circulating Anti-Colonial Cairo: Decolonizing News Media and the Making of the Third World in Egypt: 1952-1978"

Postdoctoral Research Associate and Weld Fellow in the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University, 2019-2021


Justin Hubbard - PhD August 2019

Dissertation title: "'Can't Fool the P Test': American Science, the Department of Defense, and the Unlikely Invention of the War on Drugs, 1945-1980"





Juliet Larkin-Gilmore - PhD August 2019

Dissertation title: "Native Health on the Move: Public Health and Assimilation on the Lower Colorado River, 1890–1934"

Chancellor's Postdoctoral fellow, Center for American Indian Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2019-20



Katherine McKenna - PhD August 2019

Dissertation title: "Fashioning Adria, Fashioning Femininity: Venetian Women and the Radicalization of the Querelle des Femmes 1550-1635"

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital and Public Humanities, Vanderbilt University, 2019-20

Visiting Assistant Professor in History and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, Oberlin College & Conservatory, 2021-2022


Fernanda Bretones Lane - PhD June 2019

Dissertation title: "Spain, the Caribbean, and the Making of Religious Sanctuary" 

Assistant Professor, tenure-track, University of Florida, 2019-


Sarah Holliday - PhD August 2019

Dissertation title: "A Bitter Legacy: Coffee, Identity, and Cultural Memory in Nineteenth-Century Britain"

Manager, independent bookstore, Waco, Texas



Patrick Rasico - PhD June 2019

Dissertation title: "Arenas of Display and Debate: Britishness, Exotica, and the Material Counterflows of Empire in India, 1750—1825"

Mellon Partners in Education Postdoctoral fellow, Fisk University, 2019-2021



Shawn Mosher - PhD December 2018

Dissertation title: "Competing Ideals: How Commerce, Christianity and Civilization Shaped Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Liberia"

Teams Operation Manager and Training Specialist, Alorica, Omaha, Nebraska, 2016-

 Katherine Lazo

Katherine Lazo - PhD September 2018

Dissertation title: 'Rigour upon men's consciences': National Identity, Religion, and English Catholics during the Interregnum"


Sean Bortz


Sean Bortz - PhD September 2018

Dissertation title: "Thinking with Jews: Jews and Judaism and the Struggle for Orthodoxy in late Medieval and Reformation England"

Assistant Professor of History, Cumberland University, 2019-

Christopher Mapes


Christopher Mapes - PhD August 2018

Dissertation title: "Germany's Slavery Problem during the Sattelzeit, 1750-1850"

Post-doctoral fellow, Digital Humanities Center, Vanderbilt University

 Dean Bruno


Dean Bruno - PhD August 2018

Dissertation title: "A Place Called Home: Dispossession and Remembrance of a Central New York Landscape"

Teaching Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Advising, North Carolina State University

Danielle Picard


Danielle Picard - PhD August 2018

Dissertation title: "Analyzing the Human Factor in British Industrial Psychology, 1919-1939"

Senior Lecturer and Assistant Director of Graduate Studies at Vanderbilt’s Center for Medicine, Health & Society, 2019-

 botanical garden in lieu of photo


J'Nese Williams - PhD August 2018

Dissertation title: "Imperial Intervention: Botanic Gardens, Science, and Colonial Administration in the British Empire, Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries"

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center, Stanford University, 2018-20

cassandra painter pic


Cassandra Painter - PhD August 2018

Dissertation title: "The Life and Afterlife of Anna Katharina Emmerick: Reimagining Catholicism in Modern Germany"

Lilly Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer in History, Valparaiso University

Daniel Genkins


Daniel Genkins - PhD August 2018

Dissertation title: "Entangled Empires: Anglo-Spanish Competition in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean"

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Digital Humanities Center and Executive Director of the Slave Societies Digital Archive, Vanderbilt University, 2019-2020

aileen teague pic


Aileen Teague - PhD June 2018

Dissertation title: "Americanizing Mexican Drug Enforcement: The War on Drugs in Mexican Politics and Society, 1964-1982"

Postdoctoral fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University

Assistant Professor of International Affairs at Texas A&M University's Bush School of Government and Public Service, starting in the Fall of 2020

 aileen teague pic


William Murrell - PhD June 2018

Dissertation title: "Dragomans and Crusaders: the Role of Translators and Translation in the Eastern Mediterranean"

Launch Director and Lecturer in Church History, Every Nation Theological Seminary

Daniel Genkins


Marjorie Brown - PhD August 2017

Dissertation title: "Diplomatic Ties: Slavery and Diplomacy in the Gulf Coast Region, 1836-1845"

Professor, History, Houston Community College

Anthony Siracusa


Anthony C. Siracusa - PhD August 2017

Dissertation title: "A More Durable Weapon: Religion and Nonviolence in the Black Freedom Struggle, 1918-1960"

Director of Community Engagement in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, The University of Mississippi

O'Reilly head shot


Kelly O'Reilly - PhD August 2017

Dissertation title: "Of the Poor, By the Poor, or For the Poor": Community Health Centers and the War on Poverty"

Student at Yale Law School, J.D. expected in 2020

Ingwersen head shot


Lance Ingwersen - PhD August 2017

Dissertation title: "Mexico City in the Age of Theater, 1830-1901"

Assistant Professor of History, Jacksonville State University, tenure-track, 2019-


Koul head shot


Ashish Koul - PhD August 2017

Dissertation title: "Making New Muslim Arains: Reform, Law and Politics in Colonial Punjab, 1890's-1940s"

Assistant Professor of History, Northwestern University, tenure-track, 2018-

Jacobs head shot


Sonja Ostrow - PhD August 2017

Dissertation title: "Polling after Fascism: Opinion Research, Mass Society, and Democratic Fragility in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1960"

Assistant Professor of Arts and Humanities, the Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)

Lu Sun new head shot


Lu Sun - PhD May 2017

Dissertation title: "Prisoners, Saboteurs, and Diplomats: An International History of the Diplomacy of Captivity During and Following the Korean War"

Assistant Professor of History, Bryant University's China campus; Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China

Ingwersen head shot


Alex Jacobs - PhD December 2016

Dissertation title: ""After the Enlightenment: Progress, Tradition, and the Foundations of Democracy in Modern American Thought"

Senior Lecturer, Program of American Studies, Vanderbilt University

Bates head shot


Jason Bates - PhD December 2016

Dissertation title: "An Opium-Consuming Nation: Race, Government Power, and the American Penal State, 1870-1930"

Bates head shot


Kara Schultz - PhD December 2016

Dissertation title: "An African South Atlantic: La Plata, Brazil, and Angola, 1580-1680"

Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Manager, Slave Societies Digital Archive, run by Professor Jane Landers

Chavez head shot


Tizoc Chavez - PhD August 2016

Dissertation title: "Presidential Parley: Personal Diplomacy and the Modern Presidency"

DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Fall 2019

Jenifer Dodd head shot


Jenifer Dodd - PhD August 2016

Dissertation title: "'Compulsive Rapism': Psychiatric Approaches to Sexual Violence in the 1980s"

Mellon Fellow at Tennessee State University, Nashville

Chresfield head shot


Michell Chresfield - PhD August 2016

Dissertation title: "Problem and Promise: 'Scientific Experts and the Mixed-Blood',1870-1970"

Lecturer of African-American History, tenure-track, University of Birmingham-UK 

Gajewski head shot


Paula Gajewski - PhD May 2016

Dissertation title: "The New York Stock Exchange and the Transformation of Retirement in America"


Jessica Burch - PhD August 2015

Dissertation title: "Soap and Hope": Direct Sales and the Culture of Work and Capitalism in Postwar America"

Assistant Professor, tenure track, in the Global Commerce program, Denison University, August 2019


Miriam Martin Erickson - PhD August 2015

Dissertation title: "The Black Auxiliary Troops of King Carlos IV: African Diaspora in the Entangled Spanish Atlantic World, 1791-1818"

Academic Services Coordinator, Writing Studio/Tutoring Services, Vanderbilt University


Amy Gant Tan - PhD August 2015

Dissertation title: "Richard Bernard and His Publics: A Puritan Minister as Author"

Independent Researcher, Nashville


Jonathan Hansen - PhD May 2015

Dissertation title: "Development at the Margins: Missionaries, the State, and the Transformation of Marsabit, Kenya in the Twentieth Century"

Nicolette Kostiw


Nicolette Kostiw - PhD May 2015

Dissertation title: "Child and Citizen" The Tutelage of Minors, Slavery, and Transition in Rio de Janeiro, 1871-1900"

Assistant Director, Center for Latin American Studies, Vanderbilt University


Matthew Owen - PhD December 2014

Dissertation title: "For the Progress of Man: The TVA, Electric Power, and the Environment,1939-1969"'

Research Associate, Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

Anna Quiros


Ansley Quiros - PhD December 2014

Dissertation title: "'The Devil and Jesus in Americus, Georgia': Lived Theology in the Civil Rights Movement in Americus, GA, 1942-1978"

Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of North Alabama



Courtney Campbell - PhD August 2014

Dissertation title: "The Brazilian Northeast, Inside Out: Region, Nation, and Globalization (1926-1968)"

Lecturer of Latin American History at the University of  Birmingham, England



Jeremy DeWaal - PhD August 2014

Dissertation title: "Redemptive Geographies: The Turn to Local Heimat   in Early Postwar West  Germany, 1945-1965" 

Lecturer in History, University of Exeter, Germany



Frances Kolb - PhD August 2014

Dissertation title: "Contesting Borderlands: Policy and Practice in Spanish Louisiana, 1765-1800"

Instructor in the History Department at Western Kentucky University, 2016-2017



Angela Sutton - PhD August 2014

Dissertation title: "Mercantile Culture of the Gold Coast Slave Trade in the Atlantic World, 1621-1720"

Mellon Partners for Humanities Education Fellowship in partnership with Vanderbilt University, post-doctoral fellow, Slave Societies Digital Archive, 2018-2020



Erin Woodruff Stone - PhD May 2014

Dissertation title: "Indian Harvest: The Rise of the Indigenous Slave Trade and Diaspora from Espanola to the Circum-Caribbean, 1492-1542"

Associate Professor of Latin American History, University of West Florida



Adam Richard Wilsman - PhD May 2014

Dissertation title: "Our Enemy's Enemy: Human Rights and the U.S. Intervention in El Salvador, 1977-1992"

Upper School History Teacher and Assistant Dean of Academic Advising, Harpeth Hall, Nashville, Tennessee



Nicholas Villanueva - PhD December 2013

Dissertation title: "No Place of Refuge: Mexicans, Anglos, and Violence in the Texas Borderland, 1900-1920"

Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Ethnic Studies Department, University of Colorado at Boulder



Caree Banton - PhD August 2013

Dissertation title: " 'More Auspicious Shores": Post-Emancipation Barbadian Emigrants in Pursuit of Freedom, Citizenship, and Nationhood in Liberia, 1834-1912"

Assistant Professor of History and African American Studies, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Harrison photo


Stephen Kennedy Harrison - PhD August 2013

Dissertation title: "Communism and Christianity: Missionaries and The Communist Seizure of Power In China"

Lecturer at Wenzhou-Kean University, 2014-2015.



Joanna Mazurska - PhD August 2013

Dissertation title: "Making Sense of Czeslaw Milosz: A Poet's Formative Dialogue with his Transnational Audiences"

Consultant at the Institute for Polish Literature Studies, United Kingdom



Kevin Vanzant - PhD August 2013

Dissertation title: " 'We Sweat and Toil": Self-Interest, Labor, and the Power of "The People" in Early America Politics, 1607-1692"

Visiting Professor, Tennessee State University and Visiting Scholar in History, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN through the Mellon Partners Postdoctoral Fellowship



William Hardin - PhD May 2013

Dissertation title: "Litigating the Lash: Quaker Emancipator Robert Pleasants, the Law of Slavery and the Meaning of Manumission in Revolutionary and Early National Virginia”

Upper School History Teacher at Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville TN

hayden pic


Erica Hayden - PhD May 2013

Dissertation title: "Plunged into a Vortex of Iniquity”: Female Criminality and Punishment in Pennsylvania, 1820-1860”

Associate Professor in History, tenure track, Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN



Deanna Matheuszik - PhD May 2013

Dissertation title: "The Angel Paradox: Elizabeth Fry and the Role of Gender and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Britain”

Visiting Assistant Professor, Modern European History, University of Mississippi, 2014-15



Patrick Jackson - PhD December 2012

Dissertation title: "Lost: American Evangelicals in the Public Square, 1925-1955"

Nationally Competitive Fellowship Advisor, and Assistant Professor of History and Religious Studies at Allegheny College, PA



William Bishop - PhD August 2012

Dissertation title: "Diplomacy in Black and White: America’s Contribution to the Search for Zimbabwean Independence, 1965-1980"

Upper Division History Teacher, Casady School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



Cheryl A. Hudson - PhD December 2011

Dissertation title: "Making Modern Citizens: Political Culture in Chicago, 1890-1930"

Lecturer in American History at the University of Liverpool, England



Crystal A. deGregory – PhD May 2011

Dissertation title: “Raising a Nonviolent Army: Four Nashville Black Colleges and the Century-Long Struggle for Civil Rights, 1830s-1930s



Christina Dickerson Cousin – PhD May 2011

Dissertation title: “Diplomats, Soldiers, and Slaveholders: The Coulon de Villiers Family in New France, 1700-1763”

Assistant Professor of African American History (tenure track) at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT



Rachel Donaldson – PhD May 2011

Dissertation title: “Music for the People: The Folk Music Revival and American Identity, 1930-1970”

Assistant Professor in Public History, tenure track, College of Charleston



David C. LaFevor - May 2011

Dissertation title: “Forging the Masculine and Modern Nation: Race, Identity and the Public Sphere in Cuba and Mexico, 1890s – 1930s”

Associate Professor of Latin American History and Digital Humanities, tenure track, University of Texas, Arlington



Michael Boden – December 2010

Dissertation title: “The First Red Clausewitz: Friedrich Engels and Nineteenth-Century Socialist Military Thought”

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired. Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Dutchess Community College, Poughkeepsie, NY



Natalie Inman – December 2010

Dissertation title: “Networks in Negotiation: The Role of Family and Kinship in Intercultural Diplomacy on the Trans-Appalachian Frontier, 1680-1849”

Assistant Professor, Cumberland University, Lebanon, TN



Kurt Johnson – December 2010

Dissertation title: “The Re-enchanted Body in fin de siècle German Culture"

Term Instructor - History, University of Alaska, Anchorage



Pablo Gomez – August 2010

Dissertation title: “Bodies of Encounter: Health, Illness and Death in the Early Modern African-Spanish Caribbean”

Associate Professor of Medical History and Bioethics, and History, University of Wisconsin, Madison



Larry Rivers – August 2010

Dissertation title: “‘Our God is Marching On’: James Hudson and the Theological Foundation of the Civil Rights Movement”

Assistant Professor, tenure track, University of West Georgia



Selena Sanderfer – August 2010

Dissertation title: “For Land and Liberty: Black Territorial Separatism in the South, 1776-1904”

Associate Professor, Western Kentucky University



Mary Sanderson – May 2010

Dissertation title: “ ‘Our Own Catholic Countrymen’: Religion, Loyalism, and Subjecthood in Britain and its Empire, 1775-1829”

Lecturer, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH



David Wheat – August 2009

Dissertation title: “The Afro-Portuguese Maritime World and the Foundations of Spanish Caribbean Society, 1570-1640”

Associate Professor (tenured), Michigan State University



Michael Crane – May 2009

Dissertation title: “Slavery on the Edge of Freedom: The Lower Ohio River Valley in the Antebellum and Civil War Era”

Associate Professor of History, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith



Robert Hutton – May 2009

Dissertation title: “‘Bloody Breathitt’: Power and Violence in the Mountain South”

Associate Professor of History, Glenville State College- Glennville, West Virginia