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Graduate Studies at Vanderbilt - History of Islam

Updated February 15, 2018

Vanderbilt University trains graduate students in all periods of Islam's history, from its origins in late antiquity to modernity, and in various regional settings.

Our faculty works in multiple fields, including law, business, religion, imperialism, and nationalism. They have written on topics as diverse as early Islamic death rituals; politics and society in al-Andalus; Jewish-Muslim trade in the medieval Mediterranean; the political, religious and economic landscape of early modern Gujarat; Jewish identity in the Ottoman Empire; Islam in the modern Balkans; Nigerian responses to colonialism; and the rise of ISIS.

Current faculty include: Philip Ackerman-Lieberman (Jewish Studies/History); Julia Philips Cohen  (History/Jewish Studies); Emily Greble (Slavic/History); Leor Halevi  (History/Law); David Michelson (Divinity/History); Moses Ochonu  (History); Samira Sheikh (History); David Wasserstein (History/Jewish Studies/Program in Classical & Mediterranean Studies)

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