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Applying for Travel Funds

All applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to travel.

Travel for Presenting a Paper at a Conference

Graduate students planning to present research at a conference should apply in the first instance to the Graduate School for up to $500 in travel expense reimbursement. Please find the application here.  Students may apply concurrently to the Department for up to $250 in topping up funds.  To do so, click here.

Note that if you have received a graduate school travel award, this is a promise of  reimbursement, and you must book your airfare in Concur.

The Department will also support one additional conference annually per student. Please see History Department Travel Grant Application and check the second option. 

Traveling to archives for research during the academic year  

If you need to apply for funds to help meet your travel costs when traveling to archives during the academic year (non-summer), please fill out the History Department Travel Grant Application and select the third option. 

Travel for Research during the Summer

The 2020 History Department Summer Research Grant  provides funding for research and is available to students in good standing at any stage of the graduate program.   Applications must include a clear description of the topic, how it will be addressed and its larger historical/historiographical significance.  Awards will not exceed $3,000 for international travel, or $2,000 for domestic travel.  Preference will be given to students who can show that they applied for funding from sources other than the History Department, including those who applied unsuccessfully to the College of Arts and Science for a summer research award.  If you have already received a grant worth less than $2,000, you may apply for a History Department Summer Research Grant to make up the difference. 

Reimbursement for Miscellaneous Expenses

For those instances in which you need to submit an expense report to be reimbursed for a department funded activity, please submit the History Department Reimbursement request.  If approved, you will receive an approval email that you can attach to your expense report.  This form should also be used to request reimbursement for miscellaneous charges incurred while traveling to archives (such as photocopying, entrance fees to libraries, etc.)  Note that you must attach all receipts in the box provided.