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Career Services Links

This web site serves as a means for graduate students at Vanderbilt University to locate various campus resources - offices, programs, and events - that contribute to student professional and personal development while enrolled at Vanderbilt. 

American Historical Association-Graduate Student Resources

Career Information for Historians

Careers for History Majors

Careers in Public History

The Vanderbilt Center for Student Professional Development

Professional Development for Future Faculty (Vanderbilt Center for Teaching)

The Versatile PhD (First-time users will need to register for the site.)

The Versatile PhD is a new web-based resource that helps humanists and social scientists include non-academic careers in their thinking about their futures. It includes: 

A thriving, supportive web-based community where graduate students can participate in discussions, network with experienced post-academic PhDs, or just listen and learn by osmosis

A library of excellent first-person narratives written by experienced post-academic humanists and social scientists who describe how they forged careers outside the academy

Regular "Career Pane" discussions where post-academic humanists and social scientists working in a given field share their specific professional experiences and answer questions about their field from members (upcoming topics include Policy Analysis, Educational Consulting, and High School Teaching) 

An associated LinkedIn group where students can begin to build an online presence and continue networking with highly educated professionals in a wide variety of fields  

Students should be assured that the use of this website is confidential. It can be accessed in the privacy of their homes, it is invisible to search engines, and the identities of student users will never be revealed to anyone at Vanderbilt or any other university.